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    It strikes me that our management team isn't really sharing a lot of our right-sizing "pain" right now. Other than their token pay cut, it's pretty much business as usual for them while we struggle to make minimum hours in many locations.
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    FedEx Has the Whole Package

    Jesup & Lamont sees improvement month to month for the shipper.

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    WE ARE UPGRADING THE common shares of FedEx (ticker: FDX) to Buy from Hold ahead of the third-quarter-earnings release on Thursday, March 19. We believe the risk/reward ratio is relatively attractive with 15% downside and 35% upside potential to our $54 price target.
    [​IMG]We are upgrading the common shares of FedEx because we believe volumes are stabilizing. We do not believe business is getting worse, but we do not believe business is getting significantly better. Year over year, we are still seeing volume declines in the 20% range, but we are also seeing slight improvement on a sequential monthly basis.
    We are estimating FedEx will report third-fiscal-quarter earnings of 53 cents per share versus $1.26 last year and the consensus estimate of 47 cents.
    The third quarter was a particularly difficult one for several reasons: There was no peak in December, the U.S. auto industry was shut down for four weeks between mid-December and mid-January, and world-wide economies have not started recovering at all.
    For the fourth quarter, we are also estimating down earnings per share -- 82 cents versus $1.45 (excluding the $2.22 charge for Kinko's). We believe the guidance is more relevant, as noted we believe there are three outcomes: business getting better; business getting worse; and business is bottoming. In our view, the only outcome where the shares will decline is that business is getting worse, and we do not see that occurring. Business in February was up slightly from January, although it was still down by 20% on a year-over-year basis.
    We are estimating fiscal 2010 EPS of $4.50, up from our $4.16 estimate for fiscal 2009. These shares have historically sold between 12 times and 22 times estimated earnings; we are using the low end of the range. As a result, we believe these shares can trade higher as world-wide economies improve.
    The company has a strong balance sheet and has reduced capital spending to the low end of their historical range.:greedy:
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    That's great, but what does that have to do with my point that management isn't sharing the pain equally?
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    To: Mr. FedEx
    From: Mary Poppins:

    Nothing, just thought I would brighten up your day! FedEx will be weathering out this storm. When the economy recovers, (which according to reports will be ending soon) I believe FedEx will be back to being the place everyone loved to work at. You must be positive not negative - things always happen for a reason.
    Drastic steps taken by a company to save jobs rather than major layoffs (yes, I know there have been some) or closing doors in a rough economy should be enough reason to be thankful.
    Have a great day!:peaceful:
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    Postive financial news about FedEx is always good...I've never wanted the company to fail. FedEx has a long ways to go to return to being a great place to work. I've already spoken with managers who have been told that the 5% they lost is never coming back, which lends credence to the idea that they will tighten the screws even further when the economy recovers.

    I know you admire Fred, but he isn't a great man. He's not even a good man, just one who is successful at business. His ethics and conduct make him beneath contempt for many of us. You have a right to your opinion, and I have a right to mine.
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    It's not that I admire Fred, or I think he's a good/bad man, I admire the fact that he created a company that has employed so many people for a long time. You see, I'm a people person - hate seeing people hurt or in need of a job. You have never tried to understand that side of me.
    I also respect your point of view, but I also believe the Fred doesn't owe anybody anything - it's his company and he can do what he wants. Try looking at it this way, the door works both ways. If someone is that unhappy they should just leave - I don't think Fred would mind. We should all just stop and think for a moment - at this point with the economy the way it is we should be thankful to even have a job. There's always more on a paycheck than a check from the unemployment office.
    Did you ever hear the Jamaican song "BE HAPPY - DON"T WORRY":happy-very:
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    Have you checked the news as of 3/20/09??
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    This is not the time and the place--there is a thread on this tragedy in the UPS Discussions forum.
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    So whats the big deal about 03/20/09?
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    I dont think thats what he was shooting at NY, I think hes referring to FDXs horrible quarterly outlook
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    That's the day after FedEx announced their earnings?
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    Sorry--I thought he was talking about what happened today. I lost track of what day it was and apologize if I offended anyone. I just felt that discussing the tragic plane crash in this thread would not have been appropriate. Sorry.
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    No apology necessary. I was referring to the quarterly outlook.
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    Token pay cut? What makes you think that there aren't managers out there living pay check to pay check themselves? The Topped-out couriers are now making more than some managers. And struggling to make minimum hours... a result of the economy. Quit your whining - any other company would have just laid off those "struggling" to make minimum.
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    Smith has been "cutting" our pay for quite awhile. If you combine our stagnant wages along with the elimination of the pension, plus the elimination of the 401k match, Fred has effectively hacked about 15% away from our wages. That's why he can afford not to lay people off and then crow about how great our "no layoff" policy is. Do the math and figure it out. If UPS had done the same thing, they wouldn't have any layoffs either.
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    Remember how we were talking about how easy Express has it to UPS in terms of work load?

    My old center? EENA? Dissolved, gone, over.......being split up to three other centers. The closest being an hour from the original center. Sucks to be those couriers who own homes.

    I was chatting with the local ground guy yesterday. I was under dispatched with 94 stops and 32 pick ups, covering one town and a a half. To get his 90 stops now Ground is forcing him to cover 11 towns and 210+ miles. Including the town I was delivering.
  17. Dear Mary Poppins,you become more confusing and confused with every post or reply you make.I agree he started this company but when a person has the lives and livelyhoods of hundreds of thousands of people at stake he cannot do whatever he wants.He has responsibilities to the employees and stockholders of this company.A large number of the younger couriers are leaving Fedex every month because they have realized that Fedex is not a good company to work for.People like Mr Fedex and I and thousands of couriers over 50 are just biding our time waiting till we can retire.If you are a people person as you say and dont like people getting hurt you should be appalled by Fred Smiths mistreatment and misclassification of the Ground and Home delivery people.The always increasing costs of the amount we pay for our benefits.The cancellation of company contributions to our retirement plan.That is only three of many things where Fred Smith is hurting the employees.A spoon full of Prozac will help this medicine go down.
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    How can you say - he has the lives. Last I looked, this is AMERICA the good old USA - you are free to go whenever you want. According to the way you look at Fred, you are doing the same thing. Buying time is just as sneaky as you think Fred is.
    I on the other hand will stick to what I think and feel about the company and that is - content with him employing so many people for such a long time. Times are tough for everyone - it's not only FedEx!