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    I've only been working at the eagan hub for a few months but I have some questions.

    When I was hired I was told by HR it would take 2-5 years to become a FT Package Car Driver. However, After talking with people I work with they say it will take 15 years to get a ft driver job.

    What is the current timeframe it takes to become a ft package driver?

    How many FT employees have 25+ years in?

    Do you anticipate a lot of retirements in the next 5 years at the Eagan Hub?

    What year was the Eagan hub opened?

    I don't mind doing the pt job but I cant wait 15 years to get a good paying job.

  2. UnsurePost

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    It probably won't be 15 years. However, it is not impossible. Our hub tends to be 3-7 years.
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    UPS is what you do while looking for a good paying job.
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    You should be able to google all the info regarding how old Eagan is or when it was built and opened. You should be able to answer your other questions by finding out where the seniority lists are posted.

    That said, 15 years seems like a long time, I would bet that it is closer to 10 years. I am not an Eagan employee, but have been to the building for training and other things. There are lots of jobs there, but there are also lots of PT people waiting.
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    By the time you find one is this economy you'll be a FT driver and making more than the that "good paying job" you found pays. That good paying job isn't going have any where near the good benefits that UPS gives you...
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    Thanks for the info guys. I just need to keep digging and try to get some real answers.
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    managment would never lie to you if they said 2 to 5 years they mean it:sad-little:
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    They key statistics are, how many new driver jobs are there? -AND- how many retirements are coming?

    New driver jobs won't be coming until the economy picks up. Retirements could be estimated by looking at the seniority lists for the drivers and seeing how many are in their mid-50's.
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    The other thing to look at is how many drivers were laid off and bumped back into PT jobs. I know there were quite a few feeders that had to bump back into package, so there is that too.