EAM bid sheet before contract went through

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    I signed the bid for an EAM driver position before the contract went through and I got called to go to the driving school. I would like to know if the new contract could affect my position I signed up for, or is it possible to be forced to drive any other driving position. I am worried that HR or the management might retract that bid sheet to apply it toward a 22.4 position. Another question I have is: are there permanent P/T air driver positions? Could I do just the air driving every day without having to work in the building anymore? I have 9 years seniority.
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    more info please
  4. Barefoot

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    more info please
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    I'd say you have a 87.4% chance of becoming a 22.4 driver.
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    No they cant change the wording to be a 22.4 after you had signed the bid sheet and it was taken down.
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    thank you
  8. Article 40
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    thank you
  10. You're welcome
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    You will automatically start at top rate
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    They could just make sure you don’t qualify and then put up a bid list for 22.4
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    My building still has a few permanent PT Air driving jobs left. Mainly PM letter box pick ups because there is no other sort available to create a 22.3 job Mon. thru Fri. At any time UPS could change your air job into a 22.4 job and put you back into the Hub.
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    Even if the bid was signed and pulled off before the contract went through?
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    I guess... what bummer...
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    "They" can pretty much do as they please. And the generally do. Lol.
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