EAM's counting towards 9.5

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In my building EAMs do count toward 9.5. Consequently, the driver who volunteers for this extra work is forbidden from being on the 9.5 list.


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I used to do EAM work and it was planned into a 9.5 hour day. We would start at 6:30 AM since we were close to the airport and we had an 8 AM guarantee. I got off at 5 PM every day, we had a good dispatcher. At the time, UPS was retiring P-500s so we had a half-dozen spares sitting around the yard to drive. They got rid of those and we didn't have spares to drive, so we had to pull half-loaded cars off the Preload to make service. I got tired of that and had the EAM work pulled off my route.


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Every January a list is signed if you want to be called in to deliver EAMs. We don't have any routes that are bid with EAMs. If a driver signs that list the UNION says you cannot be on the 9.5 list.
You can be on 9.5 list but the time worked before regular start time considered volunteer extra work. 9.5 is about unwanted forced overtime. If you are given a choice to NOT come in early for EAMs it’s not forced overtime.

Had a rookie driver win a bid route once who thought he would get on 9.5 list then volunteer to take stops off the routes adjacent to him and work 60 hours and bank lots of triple time. Doesn’t work that way.