Early Contract Countdown - 10 days and Counting

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    What has happened to our "Early Contract Agreement" as publicized on the UPS Press Release website as of 3/21/13?

    Q: What is the status of negotiations between UPS and the Teamsters?
    A: The current negotiations between UPS and the Teamsters are ongoing. Negotiations began on September 27, 2012, nearly a year prior to the expiration of the current agreement. Progress has been made over the last several months. In the past two negotiations, UPS and the union also began early and arrived at new agreements well before the existing agreements expired. Our present relationship is a positive one. The Teamsters recognize that UPS success translates into jobs and progress for all UPS employees. UPS remains confident we can reach an agreement with the Teamsters in advance of the current contract's expiration date of July 31.

    I believe the main problem that our Teamster negotiators are having is that there is NOTHING left to give back to UPS. We have given back all that we can during the past two contracts. "Part-time" employees have been the "sacrificial lambs" in the past and now the company wants MORE....

    Scott Davis is between a "Rock and a Hardplace".. He has exhausted every avenue of increased production and associated profits through supervisors working, harassment, job cuts, management reductions, technology, etc.. and is now looking for that next way to impress Wall Street and investors. The ONLY way he can get MORE is to TAKE it from US...

    As in all past contracts..... ANY language on Harassment, 9.5, etc.. will NOT be taken seriously by UPS. They have DEEP pockets and will fight and delay endlessly through the grievance process. ONLY the ECONOMIC proposals will actually mean anything to all of us. So, when we consider this contract, I personally will be looking more at the economic issues rather than the non-economic issues such as harassment. Harassment in one form or another will always exist at UPS regardless of contract language.

    At this point in time, I feel that hall should reschedule negotiations for July 2013 unless for some reason UPS decides to make their "Last, Best, and Final Offer" within the next 10, 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 days and that offer does not include any "cuts" in our benefits or wages.... C Ya in July Scott....best of luck on those UPS stock prices ; )

    Jim Casey:

    "Are we working for money alone? If so, there is no surer way not to get it. 1947"

    A fair exchange
    To give, or get, what is due in accordance with the principles of equal exchange does not call for tricky schemes or methods. On the contrary, if we in any way resort to such trickery, we will not only violate high ethical standards but usually end up with exactly what we deserve — the short end of the bargain.And this is especially true in dealing with people under our supervision.
    We cannot hope to get more than we give. Even if there were no labor unions to demand it of us, it would be our duty to pay our people fairly, and even liberally, and treat them decently in every other respect. And, of course, it is equally their duty to give us full value for what we give them.

    Read more: http://www.browncafe.com/forum/f6/new-ups-scott-davis-ceo-vs-2013-teamsters-349044/#ixzz2OBsM2kSe

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    We have given enough only to make those damn bastards richer than hell. They are nothing but greedy bastards trying to bleed us hourly employees so they can get more money than they will ever be able to spend in a life time. They disgust me!! I wish Casey were around to see what has been done to his company..
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    Hate to burst your bubble but Jim Casey was worth more as the CEO and as a stakeholder than any other individual since ... that greedy bastard. LOL
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    You have hit on the primary issue facing UPS today and into the future - the use by our competitors of non-unionized labor at lower wages with little of no benefits.
    Even the Higher management people admit we are quickly approaching the limits of increased productivity.

    I saw another thread that declared the Teamsters had to organize FedEx ... that is one of the most intelligent and insightful observations I have seen on Brown Cafe in months.

    BTW - For the reason above plus good sense diversification, I no longer own UPS stock except when it gets awarded to me in deferred stock awards and those will be sold quickly after I receive them.
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    True, but he never ran the company the way it is being run now.. Yeah, I have seen his kids yacht in Ft Luaderdale... Even before the company was organized, he would take care of his workers unlike the current CEO... It is to be expected that a person who starts a company to have more stock in that company than anyone else...
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    Hoaxster... As I know that you know..... Jim Casey earned and deserved everything he was ever worth. You and I have been through 7 of the 10 total CEO's that UPS has ever had..... Although UPS has always run a "Tight Ship"....I have NEVER in all my 34+ years seen such a potentially "dangerous" man as Scott Davis. By "dangerous", I mean for the long term health and stability of the company. Listening to the current "Corporate Heads" speak, is almost like they are Disney Animatronic creations. Although I don't know him personally, it seems like Myron Gray would be a good replacement for Scott Davis. I would be willing to place a small wager that Scott Davis will end his term with this contract...
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    I was responding to the "greedy bastards" running our company today and they will never make as much as Jim Casey did.

    Myron is a very good guy ... I don't know if he has the attributes that UPS needs as a CEO. Not my call.
    Rumor is Dan Brutto and Dave Barnes scored the highest among current UPS employees and Dan just announced his retirement.
    I still believe there is a good chance the next CEO will come from outside UPS.
    While you and I may think the CEO being promoted from within is important, I can guarantee you the BOD does not see that as important and maybe as a negative.

    However, regardless of who the next CEO is, they will pretty much take the same actions as Scott does.

    They have been conducting CEO search and interviews for over a year so you are right about - Contract in/Scott out.
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    I don't think he will be a outsider. Scott wasn't even a outsider, he started in the 80's as a finance major.
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    the latest news i could find is on TDU for 3-12-13. i emailed our BA in florida for an update.
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    just heard news from BA in Florida.


    they are still stalled and everyone is being told to tell the members to SAVE THEIR MONEY for the picket line in August.