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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by PH101, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. PH101

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    So for those of you who are working the 4-8am shift.....how early do you get up and how long did it take you to get used to it. I'm so worried I'm going to sleep through the alarm clock!
  2. Megansman

    Megansman Member

    I did pre-load for 7 years... and was late twice, once from an alarm clock failure, and the other for a car break down...

    Make sure you're in bed by 8 every night and get used to missing all prime time TV unless you have Tivo.
  3. LKLND3380

    LKLND3380 Active Member

    We go in at different times...
    Monday 3:30am - 7:45am
    Tuesday - Friday 4:15am - 8:45am

    I get up an hour before start and leave the house 30 minutes before start... I got used to getting up with no problem but sleeping is a problem...

    Sleep 12pm to 4pm then sleep 11:30pm to 2:30am or 3:15am (depending on start time)...

    Other days sleep 4:30pm to 9:00pm and then 11:30pm to 2:30am or 3:15am.

    Really depends on what other commitments I have that day...
  4. trickpony1

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    get a second, and maybe a third, alarm clock and place them in pie pans across the room so you have to get up to turn them off.
  5. Channahon

    Channahon New Member

    Two alarm clocks and a phone call from a fellow worker should work for you
  6. faded jeans

    faded jeans Say WHAT again!

    Use 2 alarm clocks. Put one by your bed; set the other one for 5 minutes later but put it across the room.
  7. Kraetos

    Kraetos Preload, Loader

    Our current start time here in Longview, Texas is 5:00am and the drivers start their PCM at 9:00am. I usually stay about 20 minutes extra to finish up bulk trailers.

    I'd say I got used to it pretty quick cause I started during the Christmas season. 5am is our usual start time and it's pretty easy to get up that late, a lot better than when we used to have to be there by 3am.
  8. Cementups

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    When I worked Preload, i used to sleep from about 11pm-3am and then sleep when I got home from about 9am-1pm.
  9. Rev. Brown

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    I use my cell phone alarm as a backup for my bedside alarm, I put it in the kitchen on high volume to go off 10 min later than my primary. Make sure you have a battery powered backup in case of power outage.
  10. RozUPS

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    In bed by 9 to 9:15 pm up at 3:15 preload starts 4:10. done by 7:30 average. Sneak in a snap during the day if I can. I learned once not to turn off the alarm if I wake up a few minutes b4 it goes off.
  11. lost

    lost Member

    You will get used to it after a while... I am so used to it I am now up at 2:45 A.M. on friggen Saturday and Sunday!!!! Thats whats so hard. You get a chance to sleep all night for a change and your laying in bed wide awake trying to decide what to do because you can't sleep but sure as heck don't want to wake the family up!
  12. helenofcalifornia

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    Yeah, that's funny. I used to "sleep in" to 6 a.m. on the weekends when I worked preload. Two alarm clocks if you are not a "morning" person.