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  1. Information is starting to float in that the new contract will go down to defeat by a 3-1 margin. What happens after that is anyones guess.
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    Lol considering votes won't be counted at all until tomorrow I'd say that's a big fat RUMOR.
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    Riots in the streets. Better go get your milk and bread before its all gone... Or we just continue to work like normal
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    The "Vote No on UPS Contract" Facebook group is not a valid source of information.

    I voted against the contract and expect to see it ratified. However, I think the margin will be far closer than in previous ratification votes and wouldn't be surprised if it was shot down.
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    I didn't know Dick Morris was calling this one.
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    If my building is any indication, the TA will not pass. There is a lot more negativity this time and the percentage of"NO" votes is significantly higher this time. I guess only time will tell.
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    Does anyone know when we should expect to hear the outcome of the voting?
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    Listen all. Tomorrow they will spend the whole day sorting the ballots out by locals and in alphabet order. If they push hard enough they might even be able to check if those voters are in good standing/eligible to vote, this is sure to go into at least noon on Friday. If they move quickly enough maybe then they will be able to start the vote count.

    What we should be looking for tomorrow morning is to find out how many ballots were received. In 2006 approximately 70,000 members voted.

    For those of us on the NO camp, lets hope it is no less than 90,000. If we get to the 100,000 mark it would easily be defeated. However that looks very unlikely do to the IBTs screw up on sending ballots to everyone and the thousands more out here in the West receiving their ballots yesterday and today its probably unlikely 100,000 ballots make it.

    The most complaints about ballots have come out of Local 89, the Southwest locals and Local 177. The three areas that have more than the 11,000 votes needed to have have tilted the YES into a NO in 2007. These two locals and region have well over 50,000 :censored2: off members.

    Charges have been filed and depending on how close the outcome of this vote is, federal authorities have maintained that they will act accordingly.
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    What, are you like the contracts Chuck Todd?
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    These are the same people who prematurely confirmed that Dewey defeated Truman.
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    All of the senior part-timers on my sort are voting against the TA. However, for every senior PT'er, there's probably 3 part-timers that won't vote and 5 drivers that will quietly vote "yes." It's a different landscape and I'd definitely like to see our negotiators sent back to the table, but I don't see it happening.
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    People that don't care, or too lazy won't vote...probably would have been yes votes. Those that care, I feel there are more no votes this time. Whether it's enough to reject the TA we will know in a few days.
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    Never understood the run on bread and milk when the lights are supposed to go out, etc.

    French toast? Bread pudding?

    Seems like water and batteries would be better buys, but that's just me.
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    Just posted on Vote No on UPS Contract Facebook page. First results are in. Local 623, 888 no, 195 yes. They are updating as information comes in.
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    Yes, but everyone is posting different results. Here the one I saw...
    756 NO
    227 YES

    If accurate, either way it's a big swing of votes compared to the last contract. In 2007 - 655 Yes, 366 No.
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    I one I posted is for the national. You have the supplemental in your post. Also Local 249 out of Pittsburgh is landslide no according to the posts on the Vote No on UPS Contract page.
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    Especially the milk. Power goes out, there goes your fridge. As someone who lives in Florida, milk is never on my hurricane shopping list, lol. Water, batteries, candles, bread, pb&j, ramen (can boil water over fire), beef jerky, etc. NOTHING that can spoil!
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    Thanks. I stand corrected. LOL
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    UPS Preloader:

    Local 623 voted NO 888 to 195 on the Master and NO 766 to 227 on their 623 Supplement. Both number are accurate.
  20. Hawfuh Sux

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    Last text message I received was that the YES vote had been leading until Local 623 tilted the overall vote to a NO.