Earn and learn?

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    I recently applied for a job at one of the st. Louis facilities. I think it is for a package handler position. Now I made an appointment. What usually happens at these appointments? It said after i scheduled the appointment online that it's a tour? Should I bring a resume? What should I expect? I also want to know about the earn and learn program... does anyone have experience with that program?

    What is it like to work at UPS on a normal day?
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    There's no need to bring yoru resume during the tour. That's only to see if you like the job.....HR will tell you to go home and think about it, if you liked what you saw in a day to day routine basis, then your to call him for the 2nd interview. It's then you should bring your resume with you!
    Good Luck........:happy-very:
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    if your lucky like me they will ask you the SAME questions and tell you to comeback AGAIN
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    Working at UPS on a normal day? Ever been kicked in the balls and peed on and then laughed at?
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    I have used the Earn and Learn program for the last three years. It is done through a third-party company. Before the semester starts, you fill out a simple form online with your personal info, school info, and your class schedule. After the semester ends, you fax in a form from the website, proof that you paid for your tuition, and a grade report and they will reimburse you after that. You only need a D- or better to receive payment. From my experience, it takes about a month after you send the fax to receive the check in the mail.

    I have never had any problems with the program, but there have been people on the site who have posted about having major problems in the past. If you do a search you should be able to find some of the complaints people have had.
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    Burn and learn should be the slogan.

    The avg UPS day ; get hammered with more boxes than you can possibly count. Management counts for you, don't worry!
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    sounds like a wednesday
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    Part time??..........I'm guessing you will learn more than you earn!!