Earnings Preview: UPS


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Earnings Preview: UPS - Houston Chronicle

United Parcel Service Inc., the world's largest shipping carrier, reports earnings for the fiscal first quarter on Thursday, April 20. The following is a summary of key developments and analyst opinion related to the period.
i would like to see major buy of a company like tnt thought ups should have bought excel. i might be wrong but another 15 billion ayear would be nice even if it lowered AAA rating. that would give alittle breathing room from fedex. i donot want them to catch ups in sales.


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chris, I totally agree. Ups really needs to step up and buy something more than 100 million. You hear about mergers that are in the 5-20 billion dollar area, and these usually command attention from wall street and I think ups could afford something in this range. Exel or tnt are MAJOR companies and both are worldwide, even though many upsers have no idea who they are. Ups intl is way up and I think we are kicking fedex butt in this growth area but dhl is the major player in intl and with tnt or exel being bought by ups we would be able to MAJORLY catch up in this area. And when the intl volume goes up then domestic volume will follow. Does anyone else know of any other companies that would be a good fit for ups?