Earth day in April

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    Looking at the calendar, Earth day is in Green, like Labor day fourth of july, memorial day, thanksgiving and day after and Christmas......Is Earth day going to be a day off?
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    Yes-----for me:peaceful:
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    are you gonnah fry up another pig rod???? count me in!!! I''l bring sum beehs!!
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    If I win the lottery between now and then everyone is invited:peaceful: We'll have us a pig slaughter.:2guns::taz::gun_banda:clap:
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    As the distribution of the 2009 UPS Wall Calendars is now underway, several inquiries have arisen regarding two specific dates on the calendar. As it pertains to those dates, please note the following:
    Wednesday, April 22 (Earth Day), is not a UPS holiday, although it is shaded in green. This date is shaded to coincide with the overall theme of the calendar, which is "Decision Green."
    Thursday, December 31 (New Years Eve) has not been shaded on the calendar; however, this date is a UPS holiday.
    In 2009, UPS holidays remain the same as those in previous years.
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    why don't the pagans @ UPS acknowledge GOOD FRIDAY...I'm just wondering EARTH DAY = GOOD FRIDAY...not quite in my opinion
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    None of our holidays are based on religion, no, not even UPS Christmas is a secular day.