Easiest way to learn correct Zips/Belts

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  1. artvandalay23

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    I got my sheet on Friday, I've been staring at this thing for three days and I'm still struggling to memorize the correct zips/belts.

    1. Do we have to memorize all the belts/zips?
    2. Am I going to be assigned a specific belt?

    FWIW, I'm in week two of training, had the classroom portion last week.
  2. artvandalay23

    artvandalay23 New Member

    And yes, I have searched for this topic and found nothing pertaining to the specifics within my thread.
  3. Dizzee

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    Flash Cards
  4. artvandalay23

    artvandalay23 New Member

    Think they will expect me to know the entire chart over a weekend? I'm busting my balls here and will get it with time, just don't think it'll happen by tonight.

    Thanks for the responses.
  5. artvandalay23

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    I'll try not too. Amazing that some people still don't know it, how do they do their jobs? I can't imagine they stare at that sheet for every package sliding through.
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    Back in the day I remember being asked to help on a high volume direct in the HarPa night hub on a Friday night. I was a center feeder driver that had a couple of hours of TT work available till the hub went down. I had not been on a hub belt in 20 years but the zip charts were posted and within 5 minutes I was almost up to speed. Besides the loaders were supposed to check the packages as they would load them.

    It seemed that every Friday night when there were problems with staffing I would end up working the pickoff instead of hiding out in the yard. The other 4 nights of the week the belt supes would take care of me.