Easkew get 4.5 mil

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    Now I know he is worth a 7.8 % raise, which equals to 4.5 mil for last year, dont get me wrong. The question I have is, why are the airline mechanics without a contract through 2 profitable peaks? I mean the company has been flying commercial jets around the world full of revenue but only the boss gets 7.8%. When the grade 20's benefit package was sneeked though last spring I forward it to the Federal Mediators assigned to UPS airline, now I guess it times to send this tid-bit to them also.
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    How do you figure?

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    The issue is that Eskew can get double/triple/quadruple/quintuple/ or MORE anywhere he goes. UPS AMTs are overpaid. They're not alone - Teamsters (FT) generally are overpaid as are UPS pilots.

    So let's recap - he can get MUCH more anywhere - you can't. In fact, you need AAR wages in Louisville, IMO.

    Bottom line is that you're overpaid and the arbitrators and mediators KNOW IT. They also know you aren't going to occupy that (overpaid) position for long. Now you know.
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    You know Eskew retired right?
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    Well lets see some AAR guys show up in ANC to R&R the #2 Eng a/i vlv on a full Mad dog in Feb, or change the Lt Pack vlv on an Airbus in PHX on a hot Aug day, or maybe upgrade the 747-400 to Cat 3b on a quick turn. You shouldn't worry about the Airline Union mechanics or pilots, I am pretty sure our Unions have everything under control or maybe 1997 can be around the corner. The Federal Mediators understand that UPS Aircraft Mechanics are asked to perform MANY different types of work on MANY differnt types of Commercial Airliners and engines. Just hide and see who gets the money, pension, and free health care and let me know.