Eco dogfight: UPS says it's way greener than Fed Ex

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    Eco dogfight: UPS says it's way greener than FedEx - Daily Finance

    Not too long ago, getting a package to arrive overnight was a good enough marketing claim to win over customers. But in this era of sustainable business practices, everyone from Wal-Mart (WMT) to Walt Disney (DIS) is burnishing their eco-cred in the hopes of coat-tailing on the current green ethos.

    The green factor increasingly plays a role in customer decisions. Which is probably why package and shipping giant United Parcel Service (UPS) has come out swinging against arch-rival Federal Express (FDX). The two mega-brands have been locked in a public dogfight over who's green cred is more legit and which company is actually running a more sustainable operation.
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    How can either company claim to be "green" when both operate thousands of vehicles, very few of which are hybrids or even remotely economical and hundreds of aircraft, a huge source of pollution. How can a jet ever be "green"?

    I'm sure both companies will fight it out to see which of them can do a better job of convincing gullible consumers that they actually give a rip about the environment.


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    It sure is greener. The international tractor use about 15-20 more gallons of fuel than the Mack CH-600. I prefer the Mack.