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    Isn't it sad when a cause as worthy as a clean environement is being subjugated to being just one more weapon in the arsenal.

    The arsenal of the elites of this world who's sole intention is to further seperate us from our property and freedom.
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    Good video. It does a good job of highlighting what my main beef is with this "climate change" movement. Its not that its based on false science, but that all the biggest advocates of climate change will not be forced to change their life styles in order to help promote their cause like the rest of us will. We "peasants" on the other hand will be lucky to afford to heat our homes in the winter, fuel our vehicles, and afford the basic necessities of life as the kind of policies they are pushing for will cause everything to go up in price. Although people like Barack Obama and his family, Al Gore, and all the hollywood celebs who naively push this issue will have no problem heating their homes, fueling their private jets, and fleets of expensive cars because they are "above" the rest of us. This has more to do with the political elite expanding and wielding their power than it is to save the environment.
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    UN Security Stops Questions Journalist's Questions About ClimateGate

    “It was a press conference. Climategate is a major story – it goes to the heart of the Global Warming debate by calling into question the scientific data and the integrity of many scientists involved.”

    “These questions should be answered. The attempts by UN officials and Professor Schneider’s assistant to remove my microphone were hamfisted but events took a more sinister turn when they called an armed UN security officer to silence a journalist.”

    Freedom of the press but not when it's an inconvenient truth!:wink2:
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    Somewhat reminds me of what Copernicus had to go through. By simply suggesting the earth was not flat his life was in jeopardy. These people who buy into man made global climate change are like the flat earthers in that they cannot be dissuaded from believing we have a hand in our global climate. Infact, any scientist who dares suggest they are wrong or don't have all the information necessary to make such a claim is labeled a crackpot and is silenced in anyway they can silence him/her.
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    :angry:We had a very small christmas gathering in our home with friends this past weekend. One of the guests is a good friend who has run a small family pool business for the past 17 years. During the "party" he broke down and announced his small business was going bankrupt --not only was he distraught over the impact on his family --but his heart was breaking for his employees who would very soon be jobless.
    He mentioned that not making it now --under present conditions ---how can small business survive with cap and trade coming, increased health and welfare payments and the threat of unionization with card check.
    I hate to say this at Christmas time ---but with my own eyes I see how the worst is yet to come. All UPS employees should be very thankful.
    Today Obama is lecturing the Banks --to basically again provide "risky" loans ????? What is going on ???? Re-Distribution ???:anxious:
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    The problem is Obama just does not get it.
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