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    New driver here about to get out of initial training & wondering how many people follow EDD for the most part when you don't know an area/route? I'm going to have zero area knowledge and the guy I'm apparently replacing was hit by someone who ran through a stop sign and is permanently disabled so I don't have the luxury of having someone who really knows the route show it to me.
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    Someone should go out on the route with you to at least help you get SOME idea of what the heck you're doing. If they don't, then yes, I would follow the EDD until you become more familiar with the area and the EDD may be messed up, or you may just prefer to run it a different way.

    If I don't know an area, that's how I'll run it until I have a good grasp of the route and then I'll make slight adjustments if necessary.
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    This will depend upon how well the DOL (Delivery Order Listing) has been set up but, as a new driver, you should follow EDD stop for stop until you become more familiar with the area. Good luck.
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    I disagree, I would deliver one street at a time, until you get the area knowledge. Pick a street and deliver, pick a street and deliver . Nancy upthere has never had to go blind anywhere at anytime, unless he would like to come out .
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    Follow the methods that you learned in driving school and ask questions of management when/if they ride with you. Following trace is a metric they are measured by. If it wasn't set up correctly, don't blame yourself, just do the best you can with the information/tools they supply. Your success is partly due to how your management team supports you in your needs to perform your job effectively and efficiently, don't skip your lunch for example to make up for their inability to do so.
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    "When you're behind use your head, when your ahead use EDD."
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    Follow edd. Make sure you look through it though, but if you have no idea of the area and you come to that one stop in the subdivision you finished 2 hours ago break off and deliver it. Paid by the hour
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    Thanks for the great responses.