effect of lunch lawsuit


What I've experienced when I have to work as a package driver is the combination of both mandated meal periods and PASS implementation has created more routes and some B.S. . The re-looping of routes without regard to air stops, business stops, bulk stops has created extra work in our building. At first being forced to take my lunch by a certian time was in my view oppressive but as you give up more control of your day to PASS and other factors you learn to appreciate the rest more. A supervisor can now retrace your day and see why you're getting complaints from business customers who want an earlier delivery time. He/she can also see that you have too much business or too much residential, whether they do anything about it is another question. I see a benefit of less stress on the driver because his/her accountability has been reduced because of PASS and mandated meal periods. You can only do what you can do within the constraints of the diad and the law. I don't know if UPS resolved this to be the case when they implemented the PASS system without driver input but that has been the result. I like the PASS system over all but to get maximum benefit from it you need driver knowlege plus supervisor dispatch experience. The meal periods must now also be accounted for by law not some vague outdated time study.


Two minute Therapist
I like the new mandated meal period, it makes everybody take lunch even the gazels(whether they actuallly take lunch thats another story). You take actual time for lunch whether it be the 20 min minimum or more, and whatever time you dont take you get PAID! Mngt encourages you to take the minimum amount of time, as opposed to the full one hour lunch period.


The Fishing UPS Guy
I know up here in WA, it didn't affect much. I actually like the mandated break as well. It helped me alot. When I was a cover driver, I used to get done early, but I worked smarter, not harder. Funny that after the transition, my #'s didn't change. But.......some drivers started losing to their routes immediatlely (mostly the ones who skipped their lunches anyways). Only thing I hate about it is the "sleep mode". I had customers who would want packages. I'd simply sheet them up before and extend my lunch that much "time" I took. I know having a continuous 30 mins. But if they were there, why not? Now I just park in my "back lot" lunch spots. Rarely see anyone back there except other freight drivers.