Egregious Mgmt. retaliation at UPS Greensboro

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by ups391, Jan 11, 2011.

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    I have been a by the contract steward. I have always followed every rule to the letter of UPS rules and the contract. In the last year we have had a center mgr. put in place who will do anything to get rid of me. He has made up lies and to an extent gotten away with it. He will continue until I am discharged. I am being punished for being a steward and for filing grievances-nothing new=but this mgr. is actually making things up-what can I do ? Our local is presently in turmoil. Really, I break no rules- but this manager is making things up-HELP!!
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    an egregious use of the word egregious.
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    You're a steward. Get used to it, and file more grievances!
  4. Pray he keeps doing it and you actually get fired. Then I would skip and dance my way to a labor lawyers office with as much documentation as you have. I'm in the same boat as you and its not a coincidence, its a tactic and its going to cost Ups a lot of money.
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    If there is a class action, sign me up.
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    Your Union should be there for you. I know they are not the strongest, but Management should not hassle you.
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    :golfcart: they're busy golfing today, leave a msg
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    I was a steward. The union did nothing for me while I was harassed. Thus, the need for 1-800-220-4126. And a daily journal.
    They left me alone after a few calls.
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    you're my hero. Do you write your journal on the clock or spend hours at home writing and rewriting it?
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    I was busy writing about you.
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    There are protections laid out by the NLRB regarding these things. Call your local NLRB office and file a complaint, be ready to document everything and for a long fight. You should eventually be victorious but as with everything at UPS they will do all they can to test your resolve. Don't give up!!

    By the way, Thanks for your service to your members!!
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    working on my very own chapter.

    To the OP the short answer is dont give us anything to "reatalliate" against you with. For some reason you like to hold the company accountable for its actions but you dont like being held accountable for your actions. Did you think we would chuckle, slap you on the back and say " gosh darn it you got us again"?

    Do the job and you have nothing to worry about.
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    I hope to read it.
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    he said they "made up things",that means he could walk on water and spew out every rule known to jim casey and it wouldnt matter.sounds like a rouge version of new mngmnt.documents,witnesses,and stay in touch with all levels of union and ups officials.ive seen a couple of these types fall on their swords down the line.
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    Fabricated offenses . Sounds like a fabricated defense to me . I could be wrong . Details man I need some details.
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    Like a $23,000 package found in the woods? Like about one hundred other packages found around the north country, in the woods? That is not a fabrication. Yet, you call it whining. Wonder how you would feel if someone fabricated something about you. Wonder how you would feel if your fellow vultures started circling, like they do, around you? Wonder how you would feel if there was nothing you could do because you can't defend yourself, because you did nothing wrong and still they don't care. Wonder how you would feel?
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    On the clock, of course.
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    I don't know what you're talking about here.

    This is a message board. You dont have to participate . You dont have to start a thread here venting on your hate trip with ups. If you do then you should be prepared to give some details.

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    Wow the tieguy likes to take pop shots
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    I think you meant pot shot, my little per shooting friend .