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    I'm a loader. I have been given permission by management to stack out on my trucks because if I do not I will not be able to load everything in and get everything to fit in the trucks(pretty heavy loads), so here's how my week usually goes:

    Full-time SUp: "Christian, what's all this stackout?!? WE need to get this all cleared up".
    ME : "i've been told by management that I have to so i can make everything fit"

    Full Time sup: "Why do you have everything stacked out?!?!?, can you get this all in the truck for me?."
    ME: i say the same thing

    Full time sup: " You've been stacking out a lot lately can we please get this all tidied up? It's very important OK?"
    ME: same thing

    Thursday :
    FUll-Time sup: "OK christian NO STACK OUTS TODAY!. hit it hard ok??"
    ME: .........

    same thing everyday. I have perfect egress and always keep a clear path in the truck........anyone else experience this?
  2. UnsurePost

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    When I was a part-time preloader, all the time.

    The point is, if OSHA walks in for a surprise audit, it's $1000 per violation of egress and black marks or something like that. That is the only thing on UPSs mind when they see you stacking every day.
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    Some days it is all I can to stack out when they run the crap out of the unload its like I told my steward I can only go so fast.
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    Preload egress is my specialty since I got hauled into the office many times for it. And every time it started with the full time sup stating "you cant do this." "you have to work faster," "my boss doesnt like walking in here and seeing egress problems."

    And everytime I replied back Im doing the best I can. Ive had 2 back injuries, 20,000 dollars in medical bills with you guys, I dont want to get injured again and thus this is the pace i can work, do all your methods correctly and not get hurt.

    Id get paid for extra 5-10mins of conversation that they knew already what was going to be said but so they could tell their boss they had a stern talking to me.

    So just tell them, Im doing the best I can while trying to follow the correct loading methods and working as safely as possible. Theyll try to get you by saying youre not following the methods when you stack out. They tried to get me on that and the next day i followed directions but I couldnt keep up and missed alot of my stuff. The sups were :censored2: and the people behind me too. The next day I was told just go back to stacking out. Its a game with these guys, just follow directions and hopefully youll get a supervisor who actually thinks creatively to get a belt working properly. But thats like a 1/50 chance.
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    Your absolutely right.... its a game to these guys (supervisors). What they REALLY want is to cover their own ass by telling you not to do something, but then hope you keep doin it so production doesn't decrease. Its a lose-lose situation.
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    Been playing the same game for 28 years now. Reminds me of the movie Groundhog Day. I try pinching myself but that doesn't work. I even try clicking my heels together 3 times. No luck. I've come to the conclusion that hell is a conveyor belt overstuffed with mangled oversize packages that never stop.

    Or maybe that's just peak....
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    Tell management you cannot keep up with the flow. You can either stack the boxes or let them go down the belt. No matter what you do it will never be enough to satisfy management.
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    Standard UPS management technique. It is never necessary to solve a problem; it is only necessary to assign blame for it elsewhere.
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    Just THROW the packages into the back of the truck. My preloader does this when he's cranky which makes me cranky which makes my sup cranky. I think it's mostly because I'll call him every hour saying, 'I need help delivering today because I have NO IDEA where ANY trace is in my car because the bonehead sup on preload told him to get everything in my car!'

    Then, once your driver finds the big pile of 1030's and 1200's at the back of his truck that he couldn't get to because he was too cubed out management will get their :censored2: chewed out and when they try to chew yours you just smile and say, 'I told you so.'

    Essentially just tick EVERYONE off and it'll get fixed :D
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    The best part of this job is when you do everything right, and can just smile like Mike said!
  11. I experience this pretty much everyday...though a lot of times (not saying in your case) its unnecessary. I too had to do this while I was a loader, there was just simply no other method that worked with the onslaught I used to face after break when the heavy loads hit. When 600 packages come in 3 hours and then 600+ more come in 1.5...thats pretty hard to manage. Try as you might, you're gonna hear about it no matter what. I did for 3 years loading (though my supe at the time and I tried to explain), and I hear it now (and say it when warranted) as a supe. Granted with lower volume now (no one has 11/1200+ piece pickoffs like they did when I loaded) its not as much of an issue in my building, but the after break decking still occurs, just on less of a grand scale.

    Keep your head up and say your doing the best you can, thats what I did while I loaded. Egress is absolutely important, but so is wrapping your pick...if it gets formal discipline territory, stop stacking and wait for them to send you help. If it never comes, thats not on you, you were doing what you were asked to do (maintain egress).
  12. 705red

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    Management might have told you to stack out, but I will bet money that everyday that they talk to you about egress they are documanting it in your pitts from.

    This way if anything happens they will blame YOU for the egress. Just load the packages as they come, if it doesn't all fit then so be it. But at least the egress is clean and someone can file a grievance on the sup for shuttling the work at double time.
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    I wish that were the case on my preload. It seems that's all we have. They cut routes and give people 11-1300 pulls. And still start at 4:00-4:30. Stacking out happens daily. I want to see the 900 pulls again :dissapointed:, lol!
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    Im sorry but I am a loader and there are two reasons for stacking. Laziness or bad methods. Might sound dumb but you can get as much flow as you want and if you work smart you will keep up without much problem. That is as long as you are willing to put a little effort into it.
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    Thats a pretty broad generalization. We have people in my center who work their asses off everyday and still end up having to stack. It has nothing to due with being lazy or not using proper methods, its the volume of packages moving down the belt, and the amount of time it takes you to grab a box and load it. At times you could literally be running between your trucks and throwing the boxes and you still wouldn't get things done without stacking.

    The key is to stack in a way that you are still able to maintain egress (if your loading area has room for it) and then clean through your stacks if you get a free moment.
  16. sano

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    So the volume has no bearing on weather you stack out? Over peak last year we had a guy pulling 1800 for 5 trucks. He didn't look lazy to me. Stacked halfway up the back of the cars all day.
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    I ran into Hondo (Browncafe member) at panel on Thursday and he surprised me with a "what egress" shirt. This will be a huge hit at work, this website has some other cool slogan shirts.