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    So, what happens now Obama? Do we still send them the $2 Billion ??? Do we send the Kumbaya Czar over there??

    Don't forget, be careful, it's an election year!! Everyone is watching to see what you will do.
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    HOW about we just MIND OUR OWN BUSINESS and let them sort it out in Egypt themselves?

    When did we become the worlds fixer?


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    I'm waiting for the gov't to just quit sending $ and let's see what happens.

    Every penny sent outside these borders could be paying down the deficit. Close the borders. Stop all the nonsense. Let the people in those 7th century countries solve their own problems.....oh wait, they don't think they have any, so leave them alone and they can go on believing they have no gays and the women love them!
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    That includes hugging and kissing.....boring soap operas for them.....

    CAIRO (AGI) - A group of Islamic supervisors of the Egyptian Public Broadcaster will be in charge of removing ‘immoral ‘ footage from films the network has in its archives. The ban will apply to scenes featuring hugging, kissing and belly dancing.

    As reported by the daily Kuwait al-Anba, which quotes sources from inside the Network, such a decision could bring about either the removal of important scenes from movies that are an integral part of Egypt’s cinema or their complete ban from any TV programming. Such movies have been aired several times in the past already.

    The daily believes that the setting up of a supervising authority on cinema and TV content is a clear indication of the ground which the Islamic parties have been gaining in post- Mubarak Egypt. According to the daily’s sources, censorship will be applied to the last 50 years of filmmaking.
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    They have all these laws/rules for protecting women, but sexual assaults don't stop.
    And if anyone is caught being naughty, it's the women who suffer.
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    Revolutionaries dismayed by apparent result of Egyptian presidential vote

    CAIRO —
    Egyptians who stood in Tahrir Square 15 months ago demanding a revolution spent Friday stunned and shattered
    as the first democratic election here rejected their calls, instead producing a runoff between
    one candidate who wants an Islamic-based state and another who promises a return to the deposed regime.

    Already, some threatened to boycott the runoff election slated for next month, and others warned
    that such a runoff could lead to violence in the streets.

    “Either a killer or a fundamentalist? Thank you very much, I don’t want this country anymore,”
    said Fatma Emam, a women’s advocate and Tahrir Square fixture, referring
    to the prospect of a runoff between Shafik and Morsi.

    Revolutionaries dismayed by apparent result of Egyptian presidential vote | McClatchy

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    Some cry 'coup' as Egypt's highest court annuls parliament, military extends power.

    Cairo (CNN) -- Egypt's highest court declared the parliament invalid Thursday, and the country's interim military rulers
    promptly declared full legislative authority, triggering fresh chaos and confusion about the country's leadership.

    The Supreme Constitutional Court found that all articles making up the law that regulated parliamentary elections
    are invalid, said Showee Elsayed, a constitutional lawyer.

    The ruling means that parliament must be dissolved, state TV reported.
    Parliament has been in session for just over four months.

    It is dominated by Islamists, a group long viewed with suspicion by the military.

    Some cry 'coup' as Egypt's highest court annuls parliament, military extends power -
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    How Egypt's generals cut the revolution down to size

    CNN) -- The message sent by the military council that rules Egypt was simple: "Don't mess with Egypt's
    armed forces." The message received by the activists who flooded Tahrir Square 18 months ago: "Egypt's
    revolution, which began with a bang, is ending with a whimper."
    With several decrees, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces -- a body of 20 generals - moved to neuter
    civilian authority and give itself unprecedented powers. It got some help from the Supreme Constitutional
    Court. The timing was hardly coincidental. The candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood was running strongly
    in the final round of the presidential election against a former Egyptian Air Force general.

    How Egypt's generals cut the revolution down to size -
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    Egypt revolution suffers crushing blow

    CAIRO — The revolution, for now, has been crushed.
    The move by Egypt's generals to reduce the nation's first competitively elected president to a
    figurehead appears to be a decisive blow to the vision that a popular democracy would smoothly replace
    the longtime autocratic leadership of Hosni Mubarak.

    For decades, Egypt's rulers have countered the Brotherhood's ambitions for a state based on political Islam,
    engaging in persecution and torture that spawned an extremism that would later influence Al Qaeda. The c
    onstitutional decree is the latest blueprint to block Islamists from threatening the generals, in the
    way that Turkish Prime Minister has limited the influence of his country's once-unquestioned

    Public support for the Brotherhood has waned in recent months
    . Respected for its social and
    religious programs, including clinics and schools, the group has dismayed liberals and nationalists
    by appearing increasingly politically opportunistic. Activists have blamed the Brotherhood, which
    had vowed not to field a presidential candidate, for endangering civil liberties by attempting to
    impose its religious doctrine on public policy.

    Egypt revolution suffers crushing blow -
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    The news said Mubarek is clinically dead.