Elevator accident ?????? Virginia

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by dcdriver, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. dcdriver

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    We where told in a PCM today a UPS Driver was hurt in a elevator in Virginia yesterday fell 3 floors when the elevator doors open up. Anyone else hear anything about this.
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  3. Jones

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    It was a freight elevator with a swing out door that you open yourself. Normally you can only open the door if the elevator is there (obvious safety feature), but the other day something was wrong and apparently you could open the door whether it was there or not. Driver was puling a 4 wheeler, reached behind and opened the door and backed in thinking the elevator was there. He's lucky the cart did fall in on top of him. He sustained multiple fractures (broke both arms I think). He probably has a case for a lawsuit as there was no sign warning the the door was not working correctly.
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    I have been trying to picture this situation in my mind and still can't fully grasp it. I realize that this is a freight elevator, which differs from a passenger elevator in several ways, but both serve the same basic purpose. The doors on this freight elevator open out when the elevator is stopped at a floor. Is there a ramp between the elevator and the floor itself or is the elevator close enough to allow smooth and safe exit and entry? Does the elevator shaft narrow when it reaches a floor and then widen between floors? This is the only scenario I can envision. I have several elevators on my route and admit I have not paid attention and have gotten off on the wrong floor so I can certainly see where the driver was not paying attention, assumed the doors were working properly and got off at what he thought was a safe place to exit. My only injury was my embarassment. This driver does have solid ground for legal action.
  6. dilligaf

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    It sounds like the elevator was either above or below the floor that the driver tried to access the elevator from and fell into the elevator shaft.
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    The information I saw indicated it was a 15 foot fall. The driver backed into an open elevator shaft. The gate or door should not have been able to be opened, but the driver should have still looked before he entered. It was a gate type door so the floor (or lack of a floor) was visible before the driver opened the gate. I'm not blaming the driver, but it could have been avoided. Thankfully he/she was not injured more seriously or killed. I'm sure where it happened. Somewhere on the east coast, I believe.
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    OK, I take back all that I said (are there "take backs" on Brown Cafe?). The driver definitely should not have assumed that because the door was open that the elevator was there. Perhaps a chain, with a eyehole and fastener, should be installed on each floor, but this is clearly driver error. There does not appear to be any basis for a lawsuit.
  10. over9five

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    Yes, he should have looked, BUT.....

    Clearly the door is not supposed to open if the elevator is not there. Plenty of lawsuit eligibility here.
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    You are correct, I thought I made that clear in my post (this driver was out of my building btw). Normally you cannot open the door unless the elevator is there, so when the driver reached back and pulled the door open he assumed that meant the elevator was there. AFTER this incident, the building management rushed down and put a sign up warning that the door lock was broken, so clearly they understand that they have some liability.
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    We all get comfortable in our everyday routine deliveries. Therefore this "accident" could happen to anyone. It could have been avoided, but all accidents can be in hindsight.

    I have a slight phobia about elevators anyway, especially when I have a cart full of copy paper. Anyone else ever wonder what you would do if the elevator began to fail?

    I hope and pray this driver makes a speedy recovery.
  15. rod

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    It could of happened to anyone except upstate- he is perfect and incapable of making a mistake. Just ask him
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    Did any one of you find out if he was ok?
  17. Billy

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    The driver is recovering well, but sadly will not return home for 18months. Who knows if he will ever come back to UPS after that. I hope you all will add him to your prayers. He has a broken pelvis, wrist, elbow, and jaw. Swelling on his brain that is going down as well as the rest of his bumps, and bruises. This stop has a lift that drops from the loading dock down 15 foot to the basement where they accept their deliveries. There is no roof on the elevator so when the door is open one could fall to the platform lift on the bottom floor. The door has a safety latch that is not suppose to open with no platform there. That latch was in fact broken. I will not speculate on how the scene played out as I was not there. These are the facts. Again please keep him in your prayers. This is a tough time for the newlywed and his family.
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    Very sad. Very glad he lived, tho. He and family are in prayers. Also hope local people step up to help.