Elite UPS Driver Group Grows to More Than 7,800

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    1,445 Join "Circle of Honor" For Driving Safely For 25 Years; Orlando's Ginny Odom Is First Female Driver To Reach 40 years Without An Accident

    UPS (NYSE:UPS) today announced the induction of 1,445 drivers into its elite "Circle of Honor," raising to 7,878 the number of drivers who have not had an avoidable accident for 25 years or more.

    "Maintaining safe highways and roads is our highest priority, so I commend any person who achieves this milestone of 25 years or more crash-free, creating safer driving conditions for us all," said U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx.

    The number of active Circle of Honor drivers is the most in company history and includes 66 new members from Canada, Germany and Puerto Rico.

    Collectively, the 7,878 drivers have logged more than 5.3 billion miles and more than 221,000 years of safe driving through their careers. That's enough miles to travel to Mars and back 36 times.

    UPS began recognizing its safe drivers in 1923. The company's first 5-year safe driver, Ray McCue, was honored in 1928 by founder Jim Casey.

    Of all the Circle of Honor members, 471 have been accident-free for 35 or more years, with 62 of those having driven more than 40 years without an accident. UPS's top safe driver in 2014 is Livonia, Michigan, package car driver Tom Camp, who has now driven for 52 years and delivered more than 5 million packages without an accident.

    Orlando tractor-trailer driver Ginny Odom has become the company's first female driver to reach 40 years without an accident. She is one of 62 active UPS drivers to reach the milestone out of 102,000 drivers worldwide. As a single mom working in a non-traditional job role, Ginny's accomplishment is a testament to her perseverance.

    "I never thought I'd make it to 40 years without an accident," said Odom. "But it shows you what you can accomplish if you work hard."

    This year, 41 new inductees are women and 19 additional women have joined the ranks of those with more than 30 years of safe driving. There are a total of 166 women in the Circle of Honor.

    UPS's 102,000 drivers worldwide are among the safest on the roads, logging more than 3 billion miles per year and delivering more than 4 billion packages safely.

    Before ever making a delivery, all UPS drivers are taught safe driving methods through the company's defensive driving platform. The training continues throughout their careers. In 2010, UPS implemented a ban on text and email messaging while behind the wheel, prohibiting distractions that are a proven cause of traffic crashes.

    "Our training and our drivers' attention to details, such as avoiding distractions while driving, all play a part in their remarkable record," said Teri McClure, UPS Chief Legal Officer and Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Employee Communications. "Their expertise behind the wheel has helped many avoid the life-changing impact of accidents."

    UPS extends its safe driving expertise to the communities it serves through UPS Road Code training, a teen safe driving program available in the United States and internationally. Taught by UPS volunteers, the program is available to teens between the ages of 13 and 18. To date, more than 20,000 teenagers have participated. The program has been extended to the UK, Canada, Germany and China, and further international expansion is planned. The four-session training regimen is based on UPS's safe driving methods. UPS Road Code training is offered in the U.S. in conjunction with Boys & Girls Clubs of America and overseas in four countries with various youth development organizations thanks to $9.9 million in contributions from The UPS Foundation since the program's inception.
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    Do you still get a night at a fancy motel, a high buck meal and a goddy orange suit coat/blazer that you only wear once in your life?
  3. Monkey Butt

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    Was Brian Williams one of the new inductees?
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  5. silenze

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    Mad props to those guys. Dont know how they can do it for 25 years. Its crazy out there
  6. Mugarolla

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    No. They don't care anymore. Stopped this years ago.
  7. retiredTxfeeder

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    Kudos to Ginny Odom for this milestone. It's a shame that the company chose to discontinue those Circle of Honor awards ceremonies. Went to several of them before I retired. My wife really looked forward to getting a night out with a chance to meet people I worked with. I imagine Jim Casey is spinning in his grave due to what this company has done to his original values. Sad.
  8. Monkey Butt

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    I wonder if the drivers in Jim Casey's time whined and bitched about everything.
    I wonder if the drivers in Jim Casey's time complained about the quality of the gifts they got for Circle of Honor?
    I wonder if the drivers in Jim Casey's time complained about the size of the turkeys they got?
    I wonder if Jimbo can really spin in his grave?
  9. Mugarolla

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    No. Because he treated them fairly.

    No. Because it was not the quality, it was more the thought behind it. Showing that they really do care.

    No. Because they were just happy that they got a turkey.

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    Go drink some coffee and take a dump----you will feel better.
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    Why do the dead show their displeasure with something by spinning around in their casket? If you are cremated, can you no longer express dissatisfaction in the afterlife? Imagine if every time something upset you while you were alive, you started spinning around like a whirling dervish.
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    As someone who spent a lot of time behind the wheel both in a package car and a tractor trailer, I can tell you that the accomplishments of this elite group are worthy of the highest order. It's not enough to just take responsibility for your own actions but to recognize trouble on the road and take preemptive measures to avoid an accident. Everything you read and hear about the risks that other drivers take while behind the wheel is absolutely true. The training I received as a driver and especially as a feeder driver have kept me safe not only while working but also while driving with my family. I've known and worked with drivers who are amongst the elite and they will all tell you the same thing that it was their training and gut feelings about other unsafe drivers that were instrumental in achieving the Circle of Honor accomplishment. Space on all 4 sides, but especially in front. Stay back and see it all. Keep your eyes moving and constantly check your mirrors.....It's more than just feel good rhetoric, It should be the way of the road!
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