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  1. onehandsolo

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    Was wondering what cell phone company everyone uses. We currently use Verizon but are considering switching to sprint. They seem to have better prices and unlimited data on smart phones. Thoughts and experiences?
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    Its like saying Mcdonalds has better prices than Outback steakhouse.Stay with Verizon better service...and support a good union job!!
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    Verizon probably has the best service but sprint has gotten much better.

    If your in an urban area sprint will be just fine. Rural is where they are still spotty.
  4. TooTechie

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    I agree about the service. Verizon wireless has much better coverage and is more reliable. Sprint gets the new toys to market much faster and has cheaper plans overall. By the way, the majority of verizon wireless is non-union. The landline phone company Verizon is almost 100% union but they are separate companies with verizon just being one of the majority shareholders in verizon wireless in a partnership with Vodafone.
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    Virgin mobile Better than both...
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    Don't know if the discount is any better on Sprint or Verizon I just personally use and prefer for Sprint
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    Don't ever pick sprint. Their service is horrible. I have sprint unlimited and I really hate it. The Internet is always slow and sometimes it's on 1 bar and breaks up a lot when you're on a call. Go with Verizon, nothing can be worse than sprint. The best is AT&T.
  9. cino321

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    Each market is different.

    Verizon wireless is non union, btw. Verizon Landline and FIOS is, but the wireless division isn't. AT&T Wireless is union.
  10. LongTimeComing

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    The Sprint discount is 25% off of your plan. Verizon is 22% off of your plan.

    I had Sprint for years and years. I bought the EVO 4G which was Sprint's first 4G capable phone. They STILL do not have a vast and/or reliable 4G network. Lets not forget LTE. They are JUST NOW starting to secure LTE towers, yet they have been selling 4G LTE phones for some time now.

    I switched for 2 main reasons: Crap signal more often than not, and I hated paying a premium for a product's specs that couldn't even be taken advantage of. For the 2 years I had my EVO 4G, I NEVER was able to utilize the 4G signal.

    As far as the price of the plans....We had the Sprint Unlimited family plan. Included 2 smart phones and I had replacement coverage on both. Our monthly bill was around $152 after UPS discount. We currently have 2 smart phones on a 1 gig data plan with Verizon, with replacement coverage on both, and our bill is about $143.

    I suggest you seriously take a close look at your actual data usage that you have been using before you consider Sprint's 'unlimited' plan to be a reason to switch. My wife and I don't have to pay attention to our levels anymore and we use our phones at will. Any normal usage of a smart phone will never get close to 1 or 2 gigs of data. Now, if you have a tablet on your plan, that may be a different story.

    Secondly, if you have WiFi internet in your home, make your phone default to the WiFi signal rather than the cellular signal. Any data that your phone uses while connected to a WiFi network doesn't go against your data usage levels. Just a friendly FYI.
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