Employee discounts gone?

Does anyone know if we lost our employee discounts, in Canada? Specifically the FORD
X plan discount! I can’t seem to find any info on it anymore on upsers!!

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In the US the code is XE971. All the benefits are under myHR. You’ll get a text message with an access number you’ll have to put it when you log into myHR with your UPSer ID. It’s a pain but they are there, at least for the US.
I’ve searched myHR, sent off questions to HR, and searched everywhere on the site! I’m finding about 6 different discounts! All to places that I’ve never really heard of, and for nothing really good! This is sad! I hope ups is not getting rid of our discounts!!


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Buy it through the COSTCO plan. Much better discount the any company one.
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All UPS has right now is some collaboration with Tru Car, from what I could see it got you 2-300 hundred dollars off the listed price at certain dealers. Not that bid a deal.


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