Employee Discounts?...Yea Right!

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Dutch Dawg, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. Dutch Dawg

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    I went in search of new laptops today for the household and found myself at one of the Name Brand Brown Employee linked sites. Let me say that I had what I wanted in my cart prior to the call and was ready to purchase 3 laptops. I waited almost 10 minutes to speak with a customer rep. When my time came I listened to a spew from him as he compiled my personnel data about how they wanted my business and were there to deal. Upon peering into my cart he immediately told me that he could do no better and in fact was not able to sell me the selected items that they sell hundreds of on a daily basis. Why? Because there were not enough bells and whistles on the no frills machines I chose to jack the price up to begin with; so when he applied a so called big unbelievable discount I could walk away feeling good and he could snicker knowing that he'd fleeced another one. (My Interpretation) This may be said with some bias, so take my experience with a grain of salt if you will. But I for one believe to myself I just proved this vendor's hyperboil to be less than forthright.
  2. over9five

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    Well tell us who it was! I just ordered a laptop from Dell using my employee discount, and it went quite well.

    I have the Dell UPS reps number if anyone wants it.
  3. DiadDude

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    Let me know if it actually comes UPS. I ordered a desktop from them through the employee discount plan and they shipped it FedEx.:cursing:
  4. over9five

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    It is coming UPS, I have the tracking number. Did you request UPS? You think they'd know, right?

    The rep told me he adds "ship UPS" to the order, but shipping doesn't always read those directions. He said he's gotten a lot of complaints about that!
  5. DiadDude

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    I don't believe I specifically asked for it, because when he read the "plan benefits" he said it would ship via UPS.
  6. kingOFchester

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    I needed to rent a car for 5 days. Just prior UPS gave me a 'coupon" book that had a rental agency ad stating UPS discount or something to that affect. I logged into their site and put the UPS code in. $153.23:wink:
    Logged off and went back and did not put in the UPS code. $146.89. :ohmy:
    needless to say I did not use the UPS "code"
    Go figure
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    My wife is pretty good about about getting coupons and discounts for purchases, she said she rarely finds that the UPS employee discount offers the best deal.
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    Same thing happened to me but FedEx can never find my house. I live on a main drag and my house number is very visible from the street. my street continues on into the next city and the numbers change at the line - FedEx keeps going to the next city. I bought a Dell desktop & printer for my daughter and requested UPS delivery so I could bring it home with me. Of course they sent it FedEx. The printer was scheduled for delivery a day earlier than the system. I tracked it and it was brought back to the center for address verification. I called the 800 number and they told me that I got the pkg. I asked who signed for it and they gave me a name. I told them that I don't know that person. They transferred me to the center. It turned out that they put my printer on a shelf next to another Dell system being held for will call. When he came to get his pkgs, the clerk assumed that my printer was his and gave it to him without checking the label. The manager told me that they would retrieve the pkg the next day and redeliver it the day after. I told him that the pkg was scheduled for delivery today and I wanted it today. I was told that it wasn't possible. 10:30 that night my doorbell rang, it was the FedEx manager with my printer! I was still in my browns when I answered the door. He gave me a sheepish smile as I looked at the box. It was open, not even retaped, a cable hung out of the box. "Is that my printer?", I asked. He nodded his head. I told him,"Wrong, it's your printer now. I don't want it after somebody else rifled through it.". He apologized and left with the box.

    The next morning I tracked the system and they were being held for an address correction. The same driver just assumed that the address was incorrect and sent them to the clerk. I called the center and asked for the manager. I told him about the situation and he assured me that I would have them that day. I told him that I had the day off and would like a delivery before 10:30 PM. I had them by 9:00.
  9. Dutch Dawg

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    I dabble in this and that on the side to occupy time and make myself believe I'm making a little xtra pocket $. I have a few business names out there that aren't really anything. About a year ago this vendor started sending me emails at one of the addresses I use with offers for business on computers. After toying with the idea of getting new computers, I built systems through this easily obtained business link for the vendor and then compared them to similar systems through our employee link. As said in the first post of this thread, the EPP could come nowhere close to the price of the system built on the business site of the vendor. My point is if they are so willing to sell for so much cheaper to unverified businesses..oh never mind. If someone purchases through the EPP and they are happy with the deal all the better for them.
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    I bought a couple of dells thru the discount site, one was shipped fed-ex.:crying:
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    Not all of the discounts are bad. I use asome of hte discounts here and there. I just used the shoes.com discount and I have used the UPS discount for Crutchfield as well. Sometimes just searching Google for coupon codes can get you a better deal but it never hurts to give them a shot.