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    I met a employee that is about to quit to go to marines. Ohhrah. I told him that there is a way to keep his job I'm just not sure how he talked to hr they giving him the run around. Can someone please help
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    Is he fit?
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    Yes he is he wants to serve his country. He looks like he just got out the military. He will definitely make it through basic training. The proudest I ever been a American was at San Diego to watch my brother in law graduate at camp pendleton. Makes me feel guilty I never served. I know it's got to be a form he has to fill out in order to keep his job senority and raises and be eligible to be vested in 5 years to pt pension
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    My son worked PT for several years since he was in high school. He went into the navy, served 4 years. Came back and went back to ups. His seniority carried right through his military service, and he even got the back raises. If I remember correctly, he had to fight to get it all lined out. He had to get the union involved, but they finally fixed it. You have to leave on good terms. as well.
  5. No. He's hung though!
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    Thanks I know of a couple cases like this just not sure what form to get before he goes to boot camp. But your son should of got vested in pt pension unless he went sup they do it for both
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    He doesn't need to quit. Article 15 of the NMUPSA.


    The new National Master Agreement....

    Expands the rights of Military members and their families.
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    Please don't comment if it's not related to issue I put this in this forum because more know it alls here. He is leaving for training soon mfers
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    Thanks BUG you are definitely on your game thanks I will look it up now I had a feeling you were the person that would give a definite answer now my next question is because he is 705 separate from National will that matter I'm about to look now
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    Active duty or reserves? They have to allow you time off for the Reserves or National guard that is the law. The company will not put up any road blocks to his keeping his job at UPS!
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    Remember to get a withdrawal card from the union.
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    Simmer down there.
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    Never that
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    If he doesn't get a withdrawal card from the union he will have to pay initiation fees all over again when he comes back.

    Tell him this Veteran thanks him for his service and to get a freaking withdrawal card.
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    You can join ups , then go Active duty for up to five years and Ups has to keep your job available to you when you come back . Also you get to keep you seniority and you still accumulate your pay raises in the time you We’re out.
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    Yeah catch is they have to work for 1 year I think I read
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    Yeah I had a buddy in my start group that did like a year and a half then went Active for 4 years and then came back making top pay .