Employee Thefts Are Way Up

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by MrFedEx, Nov 8, 2009.

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    FedEx is very good about keeping anything negative out of the news, but I know that employee theft is skyrocketing. In my district, corporate security has recently given several employees a very public escort from the building for stealing IPods or cell phones. Our local ramp was missing a bunch of laptops, and I've heard through the grapevine that they can't account for a large amount of jewelry in one station.

    This is interesting because it appears that most of these people are getting away with the thefts and that those that are eventually caught are able to keep up the thefts for a long period of time. I'm guessing that
    the vaunted FedEx tracking system isn't quite as good as they say and that corporate security is either overwhelmed or not very good at what they do. I suspect it's a bit of both.

    Given the state of morale at FedEx these days, are most of these thefts revenge or are they for the money? I can actually envision someone tossing a pkg in a dumpster or at least emptying it's contents and never "profiting" from doing so, as opposed to a traditional thief who re-sells the merchandise. If you deliver an empty pkg, was it empty when you got it, or did you take it? I doubt FedEx is willing to rsik a lawsuit to find out in most cases.I disagree with either action, but it's interesting to see how impotent FedEx is at dealing with the problem.
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    Yes working 12 hour days for $600.00 a week with no vacation or health insurance or a 401K would make it very tempting to steal an IPHONE or a new IMAC. At $29.00 an hour an employee could just go out and buy an Apple product and fuel the economy with consumer spending. Many FDX ground employees know they dont have a long term future with FRED so why should they care. Obviously its wrong to steal but FRED has been stealing for years.:wink2: OH BOY! I BET THIS PUSHES SOME FDX BUTTONS.
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    Yes its true there is plenty of opportunity to steal most of us realize its wrong. There are some you truly wonder about. That being said I can see how anyone that works for the scam that is Ground would think about it. Crap Pay no benefits or OT and you do work 12 hours a day. Most of us are there right now only because it was a job when the economy took a hit and we were all laid off from other jobs. No one in their right minds could think being a driver for a contractor is a good deal. Bust your hump to get your stuff done so you can go home because the more you work the less you make and then they call you and ask you to help with pick ups or deliveries but are not willing to compensate you for your time what a joke. So the best way to get around that is to not answer your phone if they want to get a hold of us they should supply phones instead of blowing up all of our minutes after all they arent the ones paying for the bill we are and they dont pay enough for us to pay our bills as it is. Sorry went off topic there for a second... Stealing is Wrong!!!!! Dont do it...lol
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    We just recently had an employee terminated for an "undefined" reason.
    We assume it was theft.
    There were a number of Medication packages that went missing.
    We assume it was theft.
    Our manager was just summoned to court on behalf of FedEx.
    We assume someone pressed charges against FedEx.

    As you can see we can assume, FedEx is not forthcoming with
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    Theft has been an issue as long as I can remember and I've worked all over the U.S.. It's more common in certain regions of the country but the vast majority of employees don't steal and have never stolen. We're not happy with the pay but don't assume that everyone has decided to help themselves to pkgs to make up for lousy pay. And this thread is based on an assumption.
  6. Thanks to that guy in "Castaway", it is obvious FDX had no problem with him stealing those ice skates and the volleyball. They even gave him a ride in a biz jet.
    What do you expect!!!
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    This thread is based on fact. I get a lot of my information from management...straight from the horse's mouth. We also had a station meeting addressing theft, which has never happened before. Couriers usually are not the problem, but there have been some major courier thefts, several of which have made my local paper. Per the paper, the latest theft was approximately $50,000, but a senior manager I know said it was "6 figures".

    Most of the time, it's hub or ramp employees, and once again, it's not an assumption, but a fact, that theft is far higher than in the past at these locations. My contact is a ramp ops manager, who would probably be a pretty reliable source. Or is that an assumption too?
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    I would absolutely love to be in a courtroom when an employee caught stealing attempted to use this defense. And I believe MrFedex was speaking of conditions at express since he will be the first to acknowledge that he knows very little of what happens at ground.
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    ROFL,This tool believes everything that management tells him.

    The last thing you should be believing is what comes out of the mouth of management.Get with the program dude.
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    I've known my source for 25 years and he's a close friend. Also, when have you ever known a manager to play-up something bad instead of trying to bury it? I'm no tool, fool.
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    Yep..Express. I wouldn't doubt that theft is a major problem over at Ground too.
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    Bbsam and the other swet shop contractors could learn a thing or two from UPS. You see, since its more then obvious that Fed-Ex attempts to immulate UPS in every fashion they could learn from UPS innitial mistake in Germany. When UPS first expanded into Germany in the early 80's they found that they only got crap employees you did a crap job and who also where very un-trust worthy. So do you know what UPS's sollution was? Better wages, which in turn got them better employees. What a concept. You see rather its Germany or the U.S., you get what you pay for.
  13. Brown287

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    In a thread you once stated that you manipulate the fuel allowence that you get from Fed-Ex. You stated that you use a smaller vehicle then they were aware, you where actually useing a vehicle that got you better fuel milage. This scam was actually netting you more money then you would otherwise be getting. You see Bbsam it may not be an Ipod or a laptop, but stealing is stealing. So if these are the sort of ethics that you have I can only imagine the ethics that your employees have.
  14. you better believe what i tell you!!!!
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    I like the avatar...reminds me of a Chinese-American buddy I know in the Bay Area. When he gets :censored2:, he looks just like your avatar.
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    If you go back and re-read that thread, you will find that you are mistaken. The mini-van being used was actually an approved fedex vehicle complete with a fleet number and insurance. The point of the post was to point out how much latitude a contractor truly has in running his business and how cost savings could be realized. Further I had hoped to show how the contract is not truly the suffocating lock step document you and others would portray it to be. Now how are your ethics in misrepresenting my previous post? I realize you have an agenda and do not like Ground or it's structure, but your statements are simply false, inflammatory, and indicative of someone who simply wants to hear what he wants to hear. "A man convinced against his will...."
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    I'm sorry that your brother-in-law is a crap employee. Not my fault, but I'm sorry anyway.:wink2:
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    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Theft happens in every company in this country. If there is an opportunity to grab one even the most unlikely gets tempted. So lets not think FDX has all the high value theft, UPS has employees who try to get away with some whoppers too.

    About 15 years ago one Manager was caught taking computer parts and selling them on E-Bay. When confronted he confessed then threw his brother under the bus by saying it was all his idea and he was the mastermind.
  20. Brown287

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    I never presummed that your vehicle was not registered or even a recognised vehicle in the Fed-ex fleet, my point was that you took great pleasure in the fact that you were getting one over Fed-Ex. Maybe you should go back over your post. As far as my agenda is concerned, Ground is a scam. Tax paying citizens across this country are forced to subsidize your employees due to the fact that swet shop contractors like yourself refuse to pay a decent wage or provide benefits. Ironically you claim to be a capitalist taking advantage of a legal form of doing business, you give yourself far too much credit. Your nothing more than an opportunist who seeks out scruppulous form of making money and proffiting from it. Dont worry Bbscam your days are numbered and when Fed-Ex puts you out to pasture look me up, Ill have you do some yard work for me.