Engineering Consent For An Attack On Iran

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by BrownMeetPurple, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. Now imagine being fed this bull:censored2: every single night. May God save this world.
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    Every time I hear that Iran declares something, I recall how the Iraq Air Force flew their planes into Iran for sanctuary to avoid the US during Desert Storm .
    They never shot at them nor challenged any, all were allowed to land.
    bhos should let the field commanders handle all responses , his interference would only delay and prolong the situation. A lot like what happened during the Iraq & Iran war.
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    Yeah, just like the military let McArthur run the show.

    Good thing we have a civilian leadership. Our military leaders would have us fighting all over the world.


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    Should have never invaded Iraq in the first place. Saddam would have bombed those Iranian nukes long ago !
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    We should have never gone over there. Correct. We learned nothing from the past. Russia is laughing at us.
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    Well let's not forget the giant gorilla in the room. Israel could (and seems anxious to) pull us into this combat as well. Or should we finally tell Israel that they are on their own if they start this?
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    And our civilian leadership of both political parties aren't working toward that same goal?
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    America is "war weary" and with good reason. I would not get involved if I were making the call.

    If I were making the call for Israel --much different story. Iran more than once has openly declared that they will wipe Israel of the face of the map. I would not take a chance that they will not keep their word. Israel must strike !
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    The problem with leaving Israel on its own is that they cant take out the Iranian nuclear program by themselves if they only use conventional weapons. They dont have aircraft with the range to get to Iran and back without refueling, and their missiles do not have sufficient payloads to take out hardened underground targets. The only way the Israelis could possibly destroy Irans nuclear capability is to use low-yeild tactical nuclear warheads of their own. Part of me thinks that we need to supply Israel with B-2 Stealth bombers and "bunker buster" bombs so that they could make repeated, precision conventional strikes on Iran without the logistical problems of midair refueling and SAM suppression.
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    The only chance, and I mean ONLY chance Israel has of hitting anything in IRAN is to use nuclear weapons, and doesnt that defeat the purpose of the complaint in the first place?

    All the crying that IRAN is going to nuke Israel, and we all know thats bull, except for the fear dwellers, will have to use the very weapons against the Iranian people that they themselves are afraid of receiving, and somehow, people support this idea.

    I dont get it. If its not ok for IRAN to have a nuclear because they "MIGHT" use it, how is it ok for Israel to use them against IRAN NO MATTER how low level radiation they are?

    IT makes no sense.

    I say, leave it alone. Iran isnt dumb enough to use a nuke against anyone and face annihilation of its own country by the entire world.


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    So I believe you are saying in the past bombings of similiar sites nuclear weapons were used and not bunker busters ??

    You are also claiming that Iran is lying about wiping Israel off the map.

    They also claim to value the "afterlife" much more than this one--easy for you to say "ignore" them --you are in California.

    If California was Israel and Oregon was Iran I wonder how quick you would be to just ignore.
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    Israel IS NOT part of the United States.
  14. The Other Side

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    I dont live in "your" fear world. I also dont put much stake in "translated" rhetoric. This country uses the same rhetoric everyday against other nations. "were going to wipe out al qaeda", "were going to wipe out north Korea"...blah blah blah...

    Lets put something into perspective.

    In the past, all nuke sites were above ground, and easy targets to hit. But that was IN THE PAST.

    Todays sites are fortified underground bunkers and it will take mega tons of ordinance to blow them up. I just love how the fear dwellers speak as if Israel could just fly some planes and drop some bombs and the entire facilities would just be reduced to rubble, as if was 1976.

    Dont you think that Russia and China have taught the iranians to fortify their sites and also to create DUMMY sites?

    And what about the after effects? Do you fear dwellers really believe that all that will happen is some bombs are dropped, some buildings are blown up and then everything goes back to normal as if nothing ever happened?

    What about the ensuing war that Israel will face from its neighbors? What about the involvement of the USA and the ultimate cost to the us taxpayers and the national debt? What about the fact that a price of oil will spike to around 300 dollars a barrel when all the arab allies turn against us?

    None of you look at this problem with open eyes. You only look at it through your ears, and if the right people can pin them back, like fox news or the weekly standard, then youre ready to go "ALL IN" on a bad hand.

    Time to look outside the box and calculate the consequences as well as the accomplishments, then we wont have another GEORGE W. BUSH decision.


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    Israel IS NOT part of the United States.
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    Where did I state that Israel is part of the United States ? My analogy to TOS was about distance and geograhy.

    The reality of the situation is that two countries close together in the Middle East --One is stating their goal is to wipe the other off the face of the earth and are developing nuclear options.

    Israel, not the U.S. must decide if TOS'S advice to just ignore them is prudent . I was already extremely clear that we should not be involved.
  17. bbsam

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    You didn't. I am simply reinforcing my belief that the U.S. cannot have it's foreign policy dictated by the foreign policy of Israel.
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    Just recently, I stated to wkmac--after all the back and forth --we agree.

    This is a decision for Israel and we should not try to infuence it --one way or the other.
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    Sorry. Didn't mean to offend.
  20. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I agree that publicly we should stay out of this issue but that we should do all we can behind the scenes to diffuse it.