Entry level in the current time


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Greetings UPSers and associated hangers on, I am a new member to the forums. I was a helper over the Christmas season 2021 and hoped to move to a more permanent position. From talk from the drivers, it seemed a new Amazon hub opening in our area put the future in doubt and once the season ended sure enough there was nothing available. Recently there was an opening for a PT Package handler and I went for it and I start tomorrow morning.

I know about the need to take the management craziness in stride, showing up on time, and being a good cog in a machine that doesn't always run as planned. From reading the website- and it helped get me used to things in the seasonal work- I know there is a lot going on with management, competitors, upcoming contract negotiations besides the usual rampant inflation, global pandemic, war and rumors of war. Any advice starting new and Entry Level in UPS in the present time, post pandemic and pre-everything else coming our way? I don't mind any refreshers of important stuff, though I know what kind of shoes to wear if you know what I mean. Thanks for any guidance and keep up the good spirit, this is definitely a company you need that for, so I'm starting with that.