Equaship, 4th competitor incoming

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Jackburton, Sep 29, 2011.

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    Its a tough time to start up a company like this, I remember when Burlington Express tried the same thing. I was on an industrial park route and their sales guy was following me around all day. I can't see small businesses carrying freight somewhere to be picked up. I have noticed that Avon and Select Comfort both use a private company I never heard of to deliver in my area. With the USPS bleeding so bad, I think that is a plus to us. We will see, I just think this is a bad time to start this. If Fedex were to combine Express, Ground, and Home Delivery together into one truck, that would be a bigger problem.
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    Seems they are trying to target people like eBay powersellers and the like. Least that's what it seems like to me. People that just don't get the volume discounts but ship a reasonable amount to justify moving them in personal vehicles. Thier business model seems akin to Surepost for smaller shippers.

    As far as FedEx combining, they'd get reclassed under the railroad act and be open to organized labor at that point. Least that's the way I understand it.
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    Nothing wrong with a little competition--keeps us all on our toes.
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    I don't see how they can immediately go after shippers like EBay. They can't possibly have infrastructure, or more importantly vehicles in place country-wide.
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    Ahh, another unholy alliance with the USPS.
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    Lately more of my Amazon orders have been arriving via Lasership.
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    I had an order come in today via Lasership through Amazon, Super Free Saver shipping I might add. Pretty fast, ordered Saturday and got to me Monday. Surprised there are actually other delivery/courier companies out there, other than UPS, Fedex, or USPS. I was not home when the Lasership courier came, but from I what read online is that they use their own personal vehicles to deliver. I was a little worried that I wouldn't get my package, because there have been a lot negative reviews on Amazon about them.
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    It says they will focus on customer service....they know we don't offer that anymore.
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    it was tried under a diffrent name already it faded out fast .
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    What name was that?
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    Yup, had the same thing happen here.
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    I'm curious ok...I bought 5 shirts on the browncafe.
    Luckily,they came minus any brokerage charges.
    Cafe press claims they ship ups,yet it came Canada post,Expedited.
    I noticed a label undeneath (sticky buggers) of my address that looks like a
    ups tracking label to Louisville KY.
    Could this be smartpost?
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    I payed for amazon prime membership last month and I have ordered about 15 orders in that time 2 came prestige, 1 came fedex home delivery and the rest ups. So for me it was worth it.
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    They can't do this unless they want to be under the same classification as us. They would lose their advantage.