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    hello all,

    I am new to this forum and honestly I am looking for any good information in regards to how UPS and FEDEX drivers obtain CURRENT financing on the trucks/ delivery vans, etc. Also any information on route owners in CA. My company has the equipment and also has the ability to finance owner operators, as well as companies. With all of the CARB laws now in effect, I find it easier to reach out and gather the needs of UPS and FEDEX, then deliver all that is needed in one package. I would also be interested to know if anyone has run into issues getting financed.

    If anyone has some information for me, I would greatly appreciate that :)
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    Ups supplies the trucks..the drivers don't own them. Fedex also supplies the trucks...except for their ground service.
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    Someone move this to fedex discussions. We have no need for it here.
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    Too late.

    The ban hammer fell.
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    Good. That is one thing I like about this forum it's a work forum nothing to sell here. No one looking to buy.

    I'm on a few car forums and a tool forum and while it's nice getting deals from vendors sometimes you feel like you're getting spammed non stop.