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    What is everyone hearing on the employee engagement survey?

    My district communication was touting the score which improved by 2 points over last Year's survey. I asked the question in our meeting "did last Year's number include feeder drivers?"
    The HR guy turned to face the screen and I think he had throw up in his mouth! How is a score of only non-union people that is 2 points over last year's full population a good score?

    The compensation section looked like a disaster to me. The HR guy sounded like Obama! He clearly had talking points from Atlanta - hope, opportunity, future prospects, growth potential. On any question that was asked, he talked for 15 minutes. All told - a 1.5 hour focus meeting turned int 5 questions and the HR guy blathering on and on.

    Must have been a check the box task that had to be done, he did not want to be there, did not listen, and took zero notes. I'm sure his report back up the chain was "all good here, everyone has received the message!

    Sad, sad, sad.

    The clicking you hear in the background are the folks at Harvard Business Review writing the case study on what happens when you choose quarterly earnings over culture and loose a century old company. We're the generation that couldn't stop the foolish mugging from the few at the top.
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    i saw a copy of the district results, staff down to p/t Sups & OMS. surprised to see the staff had lower scores under compensation than did the f/t on-road sups. my guess is the higher up you are, the more peeved you are about the big raise the bigger folks got above you. on roads had a low score for work life balance issues, i guess since they are on road all the time 12 - 14 hrs/day. no balance there. any way i didn't hear any talking about it, just saw it laying on the mgrs desk.
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    We were not givin the eri. It was terrible for management last year. They told us it too expensive for us to do this year.
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    Ours was done on paper and turned in due to being untrustworthly....Was this done in other places too ?
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    I took the survey but haven't heard any results. I gave honest and thoughtful responses in case anyone cared.
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    The on road sups are probably the only lower Mgt, as I call it, that are the least disgruntled with compensation. They have the highest salary bands hence the 12 hour days. As a corporation, the compensation part of the EES had to be some of the worst scores ever seen. If UPS states otherwise, the are LYING!
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    just like I've said in the past, UPS eats their least teamsters have some sort of protection (union)...I feel sorry for many good management members, who've helped out me and many other hourly employees....and their reward is S_ _ T...feel free to fill in the blanks

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    I once subpoenaed the hr manager to court. I've been around the block I might ad. I love ups am a upser. Hasent everyone done this?????
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    93% of people took the survey.

    The overall percent favorable was 75%.

    It was broken down as follows:

      • 76% - Management Communications
      • 76% - Management Relations
      • 78% - Career Development
      • 73% - Growth

    • 67% - Change Management
    • 62% - Compensation
    • 78% - Employee Engagement
    • 81% - Safety
    • 68% - Automotive
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    Looks like if we can get the compensation part straight...we really would be one big happy family!
  11. SignificantOwner

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    Does the overall percent effective weight all questions the same?