Eri time!!!!

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    The eri is just around the corner has your management team started there butt kissing yet?? Our's started about 2 week's ago with lunch being bought, I haven't even had to file any greivence's lately. I love this time of the year management walk's around on egg shell's.. What kind of score are you going to give your management team??? Or are they going to do what they do here they only let people who are happy take the eri. I like to see what other building's do!!!!
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    I don't know which is better- eri time or contract time! It's amazing how the dispatch drops and mood is so much better when either is looming. As much as I want to get the contract signed early, I kind of look forward to next August when dispatch magically goes to 8.5's for everyone and they go out of their way to make sure you are a content employee. After 21 years, do they not think I can't see eri score buying or vote buying? I mean I'm not the smartest guy in the world, but don't insult me:ohmy:.
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    Sorry, I meant July, not August. Told you I'm not the smartest guy in the world!
  4. DS

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    What would happen if we all gave perfect scores in every category?
    That would really screw them up.They wouldn`t know what to do.
    A sarcastic rebellion to respond to the innfectual yearly survey that calls itself the ERI.The bureaucrats at the top are too busy counting thier money to see the truth,God bless them...
  5. Harley Rider

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    If you guys want to cause havoc in your centers just refuse to take the survey. I have taken it one time in all the years they have been doing it. Let me tell you a little secret: They don't care what kind of score they get! Good or bad!

    We only have seven drivers in our little satellite center along with 5 part timers. They told us they had to at least 10 people in order to do the survey. Most of the guys have always given them bad scores and nothing ever changed. There were always a few new p/t employees that would even out the score from making them look like total idiots. A few years ago we all decided to refuse to take the thing. Being a small center we never get any visitors. The center manager only has been there for firings and 1 safety cookout. The supervisor might not show up for weeks at a time. At first the supervisor started begging people to take it. Then the center manager actually showed up and started asking. Then the district HR manager showed up. Right after that the division manager showed up! We have been split off the main center for 6 years now and had more company in two weeks than the whole time we had been there.

    When they couldn't talk the group into taking the survey they started trying to get people off to the side and going at them one on one. They finally talked a few people into taking it but not enough to get the 10 folks they needed. Talk about a group of disgruntled folks!

    Now why do you think it is so important to get people into taking this thing? Do things ever change around your center no matter what the score is? Do you ever wonder why the final tally on the survey seemed like it was a better score than what it should have been?

    Heres my view and maybe I am wrong. They have to explain to the suits up the food chain why they didn't have a survey done for a center. That really is about the worst mark they can get on an ERI isn't it? No chance for a 64% positive rating when it probably should have been about 15% eh? Well damn! Maybe things ain't as rosey in Niceville as we all thought. Naw.......... that couldn't be right. Lets just go right on and compliment the Emperor about his new clothes.

    I realize that most centers are have too many employees to ever be able to do what we did. Just thought you might be interested to know what happens when you can.
  6. A certain building in NJ should be splendid now that every person that raised any issues are gone. Good little sheep...should it be ERI or EWE?
  7. 25yrvet

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    I'm right there with ya Harley, the ctr that feeds our satellite has mgt beggin' 'em to take the survey- even the young drivers are learnin'
  8. DS

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  9. brownieboy

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    ERI is just another waste of time. Some bean counter pads the numbers and makes everything hunky-dory. If they really gave a crap, we would see changes after this stupid thing.
  10. wornoutupser

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    I truly do not believe that anyone cares about the ERI.
    My building has not ever broken 30% positive on it that I am aware of. Nothing changes- we are still getting killed on over 9 1/2 and that is with most drivers having a greivance in. No one gets penalty pay either. It's hopeless I tell ya, pure hopeless!
  11. JustTired

    JustTired free at last.......

    I haven't taken that thing in years. I told them when they ask the correct questions and give a better choice of answers, then I'll think about it.

    The way the questions and answers are written, they can be manipulated to mean anything they want them to. A certain percentage of the responses are thrown out automatically anyway. Some formula IE came up with to get rid of the people who are trying to "sabotage" the results. And , when it comes down to it, the whole thing is a joke that doesn't mean a thing. It's to give the illusion that somebody cares. And don't think they don't know who's who when you take that thing.

    Not that I would care, but I "JUST SAY NO".
  12. raceanoncr

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    Well, I may have a different slant on this but here goes.

    For the past few yrs, I, and my partner, have not been able to take the survey because of being on sleeper run and not getting back when there was somebody smart enuff to turn on the computer was there. BUT, when I was able to take it, I took it! Why?

    Well, first of all, I was brutally honest in all answers. I reasoned that if somebody DOES take action on this (OK, there's arguments as to whether this really happens or not) then they'll see things aren't quite right.

    I also reasoned that if EVERYBODY in the group would take it and be as honest as I was, that results HAD to be in the bottom of the barrel.

    Next, it's on OVERTIME, isn't it? Whether hourly, mileage, sleeper, it's all overtime, right? I've said before here: I'll take anything they wanna throw at me, a $5.00 turkey, a burnt hamburger, a wallet, a TV cause I feel they ain't paying me enuff.
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    We only have seven drivers in our little satellite center along with 5 part timers. They told us they had to at least 10 people in order to do the survey.

    Don't blame you guys being reluctant to take the ERI survey....Kind of hard to remain anomynus with only 7-10 people taking it from a satellite center.

    Anyway, I take survey but only when I'm over 8 hrs, when they set up computer and tell me it should take only 15 mins I show up 30mins later and explain to them I prefer to read every thing over twice to make sure I get the questions right $$$$$
  14. local804

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    Post comments at the end and speak your mind.
  15. I don't mind taking the stupid thing either. It's a complete waste of time, but I'm getting O/T for it. I always try to wait as long as possible, though, hoping to get the butt-kissing treatment till the survey is about over.

    And if I do have a heavy dispatch during this time period, I usually volunteer....but they just tell me "go home and be with your family.....take it when you get in at a reasonable time". Translation: take it when you're not :censored2: at us!
  16. IE Guy

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    lol. you can run down ie for a lot of things, but now we're also responsible for the eri? if i was responsible for the eri i wouldn't be getting my butt kicked everytime my own ie department rated me too low on it. for the record though, i think the only thing that matters on the eri is the comments at the end...and they only matter if you make them sound intelligent.
  17. dillweed

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    I passed up the opportunity to take it one year and the boss was pretty upset about it. I was the only one in the building who didn't do it.

    They say that the test pertains to all management at all levels, as the company. That's just plain silly because some managers are much better than other. There's not enough time in the world to use the comment section for sifting them out.
  18. Harry Manback

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    Heh, in our center, they posted all of the things they got negative scores on last year in black ink, and then in red ink underneath they wrote all of the things they've done to try and correct them. They've even gone so far as to send out daily blanket oms messages with that same information. Must've gotten a crappy score last year. No brown nosing yet though. As far as posting a comment at the end goes, I'll have to learn shorthand, the 300 character limit just ain't enough.
  19. Just Lurking

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    One driver in my center counted the number spaces that you are allowed to leave for comments. He crafts a different statement every year that completely fills the space in advance of the ERI. :laugh:
  20. Harley Rider

    Harley Rider 34 yrs & counting

    Center manager made one of his rare appearances at our center today. Four drivers told him they weren't taking the survey this year. :ohmy: