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    So a few weeks ago our management team "hand picked" a group of drivers to complete a survey. When I asked what this was all about I was more or less told to mind my own buisness since I was not one of the select few picked to complete the survey. The drivers who were selected all had something in common: They were either a) not known to openly voice thier opinions about how the centre is run on a regular basis or, b) new employees who are too "green" to know any better. If this is infact the ERI, management pretty much designed it to tell them what they want to hear. Has this happened in any other centre? Is this UPS's new way of creating false numbers on a report thus, ignoring the real problems?
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    There are several reasons that have made the ERI Survey Results scientifically invalid down through the years, but I don't think management hand-picking the test-takers is one of them. In my building a few of us were selected, myself included, and were told we were selected randomly.

    If we were hand-picked, they never would have included me. I refused to take the test for several years, and eventually they stopped even asking me. But this year they had their orders, and I saw my name was printed on the list they received.

    By the way, in the Comment Section, I told them about 40% of the questions didn't make sense because they didn't apply to me or my situation. This is one of the reasons I gave up on the test years ago.
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    My whole Center is asked to participate in every ERI. We didn't have one last year, I'm not sure when we will take it again. And I am supposed to be on the ERI Committee.
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    To make the test APPEAR VALID, UPS could not possibly choose 30 employees that all whom are company pets and get 100% positive results. That would make the numbers LOOK false on paper. It would only make sense to throw in a few anomalies to water down the thought to be unachievable results.
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    I don't understand the logic. The company did a random selection. Who would they be trying to look good to. I've never seen corporate report on the results of the ERI on any press release.
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    Then why bother?
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    In our building they discontinued the ERI. We din't have one last year and was told we wouldn't have one this year.
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    You would never get a 100% honest and detailed answer from UPS ON the job, so I personally wouldn't expect one on BrownCafe.
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    The Corporate HR people (and their consultants) actually believe UPS Management will take the results and try and change the environment to make UPS a better place to work.
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    what Hoax said. that being the normal operating plan for the ERI.

    this year I'm not sure. We weren't supposed to have an ERI this year and they suddenly sprung one on us.

    No full time management were surveyed that I'm aware of.
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    That's my point. At no time in my 30+ years as a driver did I see anything change as a result of the ERI. We actually used to be coached not to give negative answers so as not to "skew" the results.:biting:
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    It happened here and since they picked me,I dont think your comment about not openly voicing my opinion fits.I also have 19 years in as a ft driver so I have no idea why I was picked.(maybe they just wanted the best looking people):)
    I think the only reason they had a few drivers do it was to save money,and still have some results to submit.
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    The chose to NOT do a full blown ERI. They said that they were doing a random selection of employees for a "pulse taking".

    The employees were randomly chosen.

    The results have just been posted. Here is a quote:

    The 2009 Employee Pulse Survey was administered June 2-17 to a sample of air, small package, and supply chain employees in the U.S. and Americas Region to capture a snapshot on how recent changes have impacted the work environment.

    The results establish a baseline to understand our people’s opinions and provide direction. The scores are not being compared to previous years’ data as this survey was reviewed, tested, and redesigned during 2008.

    The percent favorable score for each index and its components are listed below:
    · 71% - Employee Relations Index
    o 73% - Management Communications
    o 74% - Management Relations
    o 74% - Career Development
    o 66% - Growth
    · 70% - Employer of Choice Index
    o 63% - Change Management
    o 68% - Compensation
    o 77% - Employee Engagement
    · 80% - Safety Factor Index
    · 73% - Automotive Index

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    cosmo1 Now, a low life jack wagon, and still loving it.

    What a crock of poo-poo.:angry:
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    I nominate this as the most accurate and to the point post in the browncafe most memorable posts awards.
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    Lets see... Do you think that corporate HR made up these numbers? Do you think those chosen were not chosen at random? Do you think those chosen didn't record what they thought?

    BTW, these are totals for all jobs. There is a seperate score for delivery drivers, hub people, etc. As I recall they were somewhat lower, but similar.

  17. UnsurePost

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    There is a fine line, similar result but completely different methodology between "made up" and the more slick "manufactured". I prefer the latter.
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    Great example: (this is the 100% truth, know it firsthand)

    building safety /keter? audit. employee does not know safety jargon/acronyms. said person was offered a layoff/day off as to not disrupt the high scores from the building. This WENT ON WITH SEVERAL EMPLOYEES to my knowledge and INFACT likely went building wide. And I will say it was in CHEMA hub so you know I am not making this up.

    Manufactured results.

    The same thing can happen with ERI. Sure corporate can randomly pick a list of people to participate in ERI, but that does not mean the people doing the ERI are the ones picked. Hell, mgmt could do all of the ERIs in place of said employees and no one would know the difference.

    That is, if it is random selection, which I will have my doubts.
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    Bottom line whether it is random or not - Who really cares?
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    is isn't what it isn't