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    I have always wondered why there is not a set way for entry level supervisors to deal with specific issues on a national level.The way it is now,if you move up,you are given supreme executive power to make decisions that can devastate a family.
    From my experience,a newly appointed center manager in operations is often,so eager to prove that he means business,will jump on the discipline wagon and start firing people for late air etc.This is a preload issue and his stint as a full time driver for 8 months does not qualify him to be blaming the wrong people.
    They know down to 1/100th of an hour how long it takes to deliver one box,yet
    the answer given by any supervisor to any question is basically his opinion ,or how much he likes or hates you.Is this some strange strategy that they think will make ups better?After 100 years,you'd think that they would have learned to run things like a bank.
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    Basically you sound pretty frustrated with your job and in particular, management. “Supreme executive power to make decisions that can devastate a family”, that’s a pretty strong statement! You say from your experience that a center manager, when he means business will discipline his people wrongly and that your sups basically decide what to do based on their feelings (love/hate) for you. This is not an effective way to run a business. Your example of someone being fired for delivering late air has a lot of holes in it…How many late airs? Does this person have a history of late air? Was there an investigation with the union involved? You just can’t up and discharge employees at will especially with a union backing you. If these things are really taking place in your center the management team will lose respect of their employees and find it much more difficult to run their center effectively. These management techniques are clearly not the ones of successful management people and certainly don’t represent the majority of management people at UPS. Otherwise UPS would not have been around for over 100 years. Oh, and by the way most banks I’ve dealt with…….suck!
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    Maybe they should think first "what would JESUS do" ?
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    Ethics is the study of morality, what is morally right and wrong. I agree that discipline should be handled in a consistent manner, but being inconsistent or inexperienced or even stupid is far from being immoral or unethical.

    Immoral would be to lie about the reason for a termination or discipline. To be immoral or unethical you would have to know what you are doing is wrong.

    In my opinion, one should not be disciplined for the outcome, but for the behavior or action that led to the undesired outcome.

    In your example, delivering late air is the outcome. If all the proper procedures were followed by the driver, then discipline is unwarranted. On the other hand, if the driver failed to follow the correct procedures, discipline is warranted. Same theory applies to the pre-loader.

    The challenge for the supervisor or manager is determining what procedures were not followed and by whom and then to apply the appropriate discipline consistently based upon the action, not the outcome of the action.
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    Jesus would not work for a Corporation.
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    He is the boss of the catholic church that's the biggest corporation in the world.
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    I'm willing to say it's more like the Pope is the boss. Jesus always felt more like the faceless chairman behind closed door meetings.
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    Jesus wore Birkenstocks and wouldn't be comfortable in the boardroom!
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    Umm...I don't think so.

    Homer Simpson is the boss of the catholic church.
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    Jesus is one cooooool cat.
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    A lot of banks are losing money and going out of business or are being bought up by other banks...... Ups is none of the above