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  1. Morning all,

    I'm scheduled to jumpseat from the UK to the US, on a freight aircraft, for business purposes. I know the names of the operating crew, but have no previous experience with them. Aside from the usual courtesies, etiquette etc. does anyone have any advice on how to improve the chances of being allowed on the flight deck? I have already emailed the Chief Pilot...

    I have a jumpseat booking, but as usual it is the Captain's final decision on whom he/she accepts.

    Many thanks.
  2. helenofcalifornia

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    No clue. I had no idea that UPS planes had jumpseats available for individuals. I thought that all went away after 9/11. Good luck.
  3. drewed

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    On a UPS aircraft? well its completely up to the captain, on most freight aircraft the jumpseats are right behind the flight deck so imagine if you check before take off it shouldnt be much of a problem
  4. scratch

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    This is a picture of me sitting in the pilot seat of a UPS DC8 at the Atlanta Gateway back in June, 2001. These cockpits are very small, the rest of the plane is all air containers. If they do let people fly in a jumpseat, don't worry, you will be in the cockpit.
  5. Yeah, on a UPS aircraft. I've travelled on a jumpseat within Europe before, although this was with a freight airline it was not with UPS.
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    I think its up to the CPT. You would not want to ride in my jumpseat.
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    Jumpseating on UPS flights is in the end up to the Captain. If you get to jumpseat or not depends if there are other jumpseaters and the Captain feels the flight deck will be too crowded he might deny you to jumpseat. I wish you a pleasant trip, the 767 flight deck is pretty spacious.
  8. UPS Lifer

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    After 911 - there were strict restrictions to jump seat flying. It is extremely rare that anyone is allowed to jump seat. You need to be a pilot or Operations Manager or higher with proper TSA/SIDA clearance to even be considered. It is up to the Chief Pilot with the final authority of the captain to be able to jump seat.

    So good luck with that jump seat !!
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    The jump seats on a 747 are recliners (there are usually 4-6). They sit behind the enclosed cockpit on the upper level.

    You have to be a ranking UPSCO employee or a Grade 19 or higher with proper clearance to jump seat. It would be very rare for any other circumstance.

    Ain't gonna happen for just anybody... Before 911 maybe but not now!
  10. scratch

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    UPS Lifer,
    I figured they didn't fly DC-8s across the ocean, these things are antiques. The passenger airlines quit flying them years ago. I am sure they fly some type of Boeing across the ocean, I don't know about the range of an Airbus. And I have been at out Atlanta Gateway picking up EAMs and seeing some Corporate looking guys getting off the planes. I also deliver to a lady UPS pilot on my area, she looks so young!
  11. Thanks for the responses everyone. There'll be a few of us flying on jumpseats (or hoping to) although I'm the only one from the Europe Region.

    Grade 19, I am not, although I do have approval from the Chief Pilots Office. I'll keep everything crossed and hope for the best.

    Once again, thanks for your time.
  12. rod

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    After watching Tom Hanks in Cast Away I try to avoid cargo planes:wink2:
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    That was a fedex md-11! quite a bit different but he'll probably be on an md-11 too :(
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Cast Away--wasn't that the 2 hour Fed Ex commercial?
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    When I did the local AM shuttle to our small airport the same thing happened. A good looking young lady in a UPS Flight crew uniform got out of the contracted shuttle plane as soon as the pilot shut it down. I found out I had delivered to her Mom & Dad for years, she was home for the weekend.
  16. drewed

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    they came to UPS too, our first though, why the hell would we let you show us crashing a plane!?
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    Uh...did the thought not cross anyone else's mind that someone with enough position within this company to jumpseat is not going to go to Brown Cafe for insight on jumpseating.

    I'm gonna have to call into question the credibility of the original post here.

    Don't get me wrong I read Cafe all the time for the latest rumors and tidbits.......:happy-very:

    I'll bet anonymous aka Jumpseat Newbie is going to AirVenture next week and they wanna do it in style....yea that's the ticket.
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    Wow, that's accommodating, I'd figure they'd just stick you in a can:happy-very:
  19. This is the first time I have jumpseated with the UPS airline having previously flown with other carriers working for UPS, and hence wanted some insight into the 'ins and outs' of the likelihood of being accepted.

    If people are going to start suggesting that I am lying or my "credibility" is somewhat wayward, this is fine - it is your opinion and you are certainly entitled to it, but I was hoping for some form of constructive assistance.

    Thanks for your time anyway.
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    Yeah, it was.
    What dummy would not open a box looking for survival equipment having being trapped on an island?
    It could have had a satellite cell phone with GPS tracking in it.
    !5 minutes later they would have been on the way to rescue him.
    It would have made a short movie, but we would not have to sit through it to see a movie without a defined ending.
    Fedex is better at PR than UPS.