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    Ever notice how every center has someone who is an absolute know-it-all? They "know" something about everything from snails to satellites. They are in everyone's business and offer unsolicited advice on every subject. I was just scrolling through the subjects here on BC and noticed certain names pop up on almost every thread, regardless of subject. Just struck me as humorous. Every center, and Brown Cafe, has one (at least one).

    (Qualifier...I fully understand BC is an open forum and comments are solicited. No problem with that. Was just reminded that these people are out there and we've all encountered them.)
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    If you only had one in your center consider yourself very fortunate.
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    I'm sorry. I'll try to shut up.
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    You wern't the person I was thinking of.
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    There's gonna be a bright moon tonite, I bet the BC will be busy.
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    I think he was probably refering to him
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    could the winner be UPSTATE NYER
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    Wtf Bubblehead
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    Uh, oh. Is it a problem to post a pic that was freely posted by the person in the pic. Hmmm. I could get in trouble. Good thing I like trouble.
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    If you like trouble why don't you try my thread about losing teeth getting drunk and stirring it up.
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    I end up being that guy in my center because people know I surf around for info on the internet. I have actually informed my management team of upcoming things that they aren't even in the loop about. Sometimes I get talked to about not listening during PCM's and I have to let them know, "I don't have to hear from you since I already knew about it a month ago i.e., MyChoice. Mostly during PCM's all I hear is blah blah blah
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    I guess Cheryl made a bad play and she's going to stick with it.
    UpState posted his picture, and in my mind, it makes it fair game.

    Her explaination to me was this:

    Posting a graphic of another member violates that member's ability to control the information that is posted here that would allow him to be identified. We don't allow posting of full names because we do our best to keep our members anonymous by protecting the privacy of private individuals. Displaying an easily recognizable likeness of another member as your avatar endangers that individual's privacy just as posting his name would.

    I think it's important to let every member control their own personal information and what is displayed about them here. Any complaint that is received that may violate the privacy of anyone, and which may lead to their intrepretation of a privacy issue and / or someone recognizing their image or name should be deleted from our public forum.

    Do you disagree with that too?


    In answer to your question, Cheryl.... yes I do disagree.
    When the member in question actually posted the material in the first place, how is this a violation of their privacy?
    At that point the "personal information" is now public in this forum, isn't it?

    But, if she chooses to continue to support of her most controversial "son", I guess it is what it is...

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    The afore mention aside, I do appreciate the opportunity to post here.
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    It just got edited, by me. Watch your language.