Everyone convinced Albert Puljos was on Roids??

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Jointhe99Percent, Mar 7, 2014.

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    I don't know what he did today but I do know he was 1 for 23 this spring training. This coming from a guy who looked superhuman. So much so than ESPN had a commercial which insinuated he was a machine. Well after the nagging injuries that won't leave him along I'm convinced. Red flags went up for me back when one of the Arizona Diamondback players tested for PED's. That players strength trainer just so happened to be Albert's also. "But he assured us he has never taken any type of PED" Yeah? Just like Raphael Palmeiro telling, no pointing at congress, that he's not a user. Yes Albert we all know in secret you made a little prayer.." I just do these Roids until Someone pulls up a truck load of money. One I sign the contact and have the suckers money, I'll throw away all my needles". Never trust a ballplayer in a baggy uniform.
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    You seem like you're taking this awful personal.
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    I'd say the opposite is true. His numbers declining with age does more to prove he's not on anything.

    His numbers had been in decline for a few years in St. Louis. He's getting old. The angels were not only idiots to give him 10 years but then they back loaded the contract so his least productive years will see him making the most money.