Everyone wins...

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    Everyone wins in this story....

    guy was licensed and animal lives and maybe learned something...

    I hope his aim is better next time...
  2. christian c

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    They owners always say something like "he so sweet he never hurts people"...
  3. soberups

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    Actually...nobody wins here.

    The dog didnt win, because it got shot and will likely have to be euthanized.

    The dogs owner didnt win because he will likely lose his dog and have a sizable vet bill to pay. He may also get sued.

    The guy who shot the dog didnt win because (a) he got bit and (b) he is going to be dealing with the stress and trauma of having to shoot a dog as well as the legal hassle of getting his guns and carry permit returned to him.

    I have had to shoot dogs before, on two occasions. Once it was a stray that was chasing and harassing our goats, and once it was some ladies dog that got hit by a car and it was thrashing around in the ditch in agony, with injuries that would not have been treatable.

    On both occasions I cried like a baby and was physically ill afterwards.

    Im not seeing any winners in this scenario. If this is some sort of anti-pitbull thread, all I have to say is that in 22 yrs of doing this job I have yet to deal with a pitbull that caused problems for me. I have, however, had to fight off several German Shepherds, Chows and Huskies that were out for blood.

    One other thing; anyone who carries a .380 for personal defense is making a serious mistake. A 9mm +p, .38 +p .40 or .357 would likely have dropped the dog in its tracks.

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    Point taken but my sarcasm simply stems from the on-going battle between drivers and ignorant pet owners. Nothing more, nothing less...
  5. Big Babooba

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    "I was on the Internet and my cousin was making breakfast. I heard a shot but I didn't think anything of it. The next thing I knew the dog was coming upstairs bleeding," Josh Guzman said.

    Must be a great neighborhood.