Evolutionary Tree of Myth and Religion

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    I love it...

    In a tangentially related subject, it's entirely possible that the raw materials for life on this planet were delivered via: comets, random interactions with displaced materials from Mars and Venus, asteroids, etc.

    We may be aliens on our own planet!
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    Anything is possible.
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    Thought about posting this in the "Religion" thread but decided to post in this thread as it also speaks about the evolving aspects of Christianity, in this case early Christianity to its orthodox form we have today. But at the same time, once you learn about these early forms and ideals, even how some of their ideas made their way in to even the approved biblical texts, as you read them in the orthodox bible, they start to leap off the pages and remind the reader how indeed early Christianity was indeed vastly diverse and quite often in stark disagreement with one another.

    Diversity in Early Christianity