Ex-package driver here; I feel your pain

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    I saw something on Yahoo today about "The 10 worst jobs in America" and opened it up, surely thinking that UPS driver would be right up there near the top but it wasn't meant to be.

    In any case, I googled that term and I eventually found this forum LOL ...... not really surprising, I guess.

    I was a package car driver in the northeast from 1989 to 2002, everything from the old P-400's {true} to an 1100 and even the big box trucks that deliver to malls and such. Never in feeders, although I suppose if I had stayed on I would be there right now.

    I have an interesting story about how I bailed from the brownshirts after 19 years [6 inside], to the astonishment and dismay of all the rigid suits who thought they had me as their slave for life. If you guys want to hear about it I will be happy to relate it here; it could be a ray of hope for some who are constantly brainstorming their minds for ways to get out from behind the wheel and away from what I feel is one of the worst companies in the country to work for, despite the good wages and benefits.

    cheers, Ex
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    Ok let's hear it
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    I will try to keep this brief but it's kind of an involved story.

    I was hired in 1983 right out of high school and went on the docks near my home. I was 18 and they were paying me about 12.50 an hour, which was extraordinary; most jobs paid about 4 or 5 back then.

    I did various odd jobs during the day and really didn't have any plans to go driving; UPS was my benefit package and only required my presence between 5 and 9pm, and in my early 20's all I wanted was to drink and meet girls so the gig was perfect.

    That changed in 1989 when my girlfriend got pregnant; I applied for a driving slot, and back then there was no wait period; they NEEDED drivers so I was put on right away, as a cover driver but full-time. I think the pay was about 20 or 21 bucks an hour back then, and no 'scale' or 3-year wait period to get to full -rate, you got it right away after you made your 30 days. We did everything on paper then also, the Diad didn't come out till around '92.

    Of course I couldn't stand the work; the bosses were always on our ass and enough was never enough, as I am sure you all know better than me if you still work there. But by then, 1991-1995 or so, I really needed the 50K I was making, and the full benefits which now covered myself, a wife, and 2 small kids.

    50+ hour weeks, crappy weather, crappy management, seemingly unrealistic demands made daily, late nights, missed ballgames, etc......you all know the drill. The job was basically hell on earth and just waking up to put on that brown suit every day was a chore; and I understand now it's much worse.

    Failed marriage by 1997, so now only 1/2 of my weekly paycheck was mine; at that time, about 500 came to me, 250 to the Ex, and 250 to the feds. By law she got 1/3rd of my take-home pay.

    I volunteered for as much OT as they would give me, because I was swimming in debt by now; sound typical? Car and rent payments, food, clothes and other bills easily ate up the 2K I pocketed each month so I requested, and got, as much work as they could throw at me.

    But in 1999 I had managed to slowly save up for the trip of a lifetime which would change my life forever, to Thailand; I took 2 weeks off in the dead of winter and went to the beaches and islands down south of Bangkok and loved it. I met a girl I really liked and took a bunch of photos of her, mostly in the water and on the beach, etc....but a few which were a bit more risque.

    Upon return to New England, depression struck even more than usual once I went back to work; I couldn't believe that I was back behind the wheel of a P-1000 in February, 'humping bundles' with the wind and snow all around me, not after what I had just left behind in paradise. I started scheming on how I could get back there again, asap......problem is I had no vacation time until after the new list came out in May, and I wanted at least 2 weeks with my kids in the summer and 2 weeks [or more] back in Thailand in the winter again.

    If this story is interesting to you guys I can tell the rest, but me thinks it's getting a little long by this point......let me know.

    Ex- UPS guy
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    Oh please continue, I think you are my neighbor, but it was the Phillipines, not Thailand and he never worked at UPS, anyway,
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    And I thought I was the only one who could blog a long story!

    Keep going!
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    PS, send me those risque pictures.....
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    whoa now.. you can't just start a story and then not finish it!
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    Tell that to Over9five....

    Oh wait....
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    Dear Penthouse Letters.......
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    Long time reader, first time writer, you won't believe what happened...
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    What is this "Penthouse Letters" thing???
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    Probably called Penthouse Forum in todays age.
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    Never heard of that either
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    "I have an interesting story about how I bailed from the brownshirts after 19 years [6 inside], to the astonishment and dismay of all the rigid suits who thought they had me as their slave for life." I promise you that you were replaced in seconds and not missed .Hard work pays off (as of now) at UPS
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    Don't leave us on a cliff, I have pen and paper reay 4 notation. What happened next? How'd you get out? Lottery, New Career, Started your own business? What? Did u Marry the this girl? Real time with the Bambenno's (italian 4 Children)? Sounds like a good story to hear! We're interested. Trace is Bad and EDD's screwing up my route with It saying faster and no one at any freaking schools but they ordering a crap load. My truck borke down AGAIn 2day and sat 2 hrs cause coil module went and yea, I wrote up that it was stalling and misfiring yesturday but it was safe to drive so clock 2day near 8 cause dead truck. I have stories but I think your storys worth listining 2 so write it down. Please.

    I'd like to go fishing on a weekday early morning in the summer and would like to find out how.
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    I think the ending of the story is going to be how he is a distributor for some network level marketing products and how the original poster is now looking for new recruits to be part of his downline.
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    careful guys I smell troll.
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    What do they smell like?
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