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    After filing numerous grievances for excessive overtime I finally got my 3 day ride. The 3 days were uneventful with the supervisor saying little critically each day. I’m sure like most management he is not perfect in his knowledge of the methods. My usual delivery area was altered one day when close stops in a borough were added to my route. My normal area is very rural with many miles between stops so I know that this is grounds to have my Union throw out the ride. I have not had these stops since my ride. Among all the other daily hurdles we are presented with my center also instructs us to deliver misroute packages that are within a reasonable distance. Some of these take as much as forty minutes to deliver. Of course I was instructed to sheet these as missed during the three days. Afterward I was dismayed to see the childish division manager puffing his chest and strutting around like he just one some major victory. Disregarding the first day, the production numbers were identical to what they were getting before on my route. Is the management of this company really this stupid? I can only believe they are lying to try to intimidate others into not going through this process. They now have to monitor my stops daily and I have reclaimed my life outside of UPS. I urge all who do not want to be victimized by excessive hours to use your contract and file.
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    Im going through the process now and need a little helm with 3 40s do you know where I can find a copleat set of cards or full instruction on 3 40 methods?
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    In 23 years I have never seen any 340 method cards, or even a list of them. Just work as you do everyday and if the sup can correct any bad methods then you are better off.
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    i have a copy of 340
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    I have never seen a copy of "The Methods" either. I always thought it was a UPS myth, just like "Ketter" or the massive layoffs in "THE OTHER CENTER". It always seems to happen in "THE OTHER CENTER".
    Where is this "OTHER CENTER" that has so much bad luck?
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    I just tried to find the 340 methods at upsers.com (having never seen them either). I got 8 pages of links, none of which seems to be the 340 methods.

    If they were that important, they'd post them somewhere!
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    The "340 Methods" is just the title of a manual that IE put out describing how to do the job step by step. I have a 1984 Edition, it has been updated since because of the DIAD and PAS/EDD. Somebody had it online on a file sharing site, but it got removed. I don't know if it can be accessed somewhere else on the web.
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    I have a good copy if anyone wants them. 77 pages long, pdf form
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    They keep the 340 methods in the same secret vault as the time allowance formula.
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    I have no problem with drivers grieving the over 9.5 issue; however, the problem that I run in to is I have tried to grieve dispatches in excess of 9.5 but was told I could not because I had not worked over 9.5 So, in order for me to try to get the 9.5 dispatches reduced I would have to make sure that I am over 9.5 before I punch out which would open up a whole can of worms that I would much rather leave alone. I truly don't see why I cannot grieve the planned dispatch even though I was able to bring it in under 9.5 It is the same basic principle IMO.
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    I had a copy of the time allowance formulas in the late 80's.
    A time study sup let me have them after a ride.
    I like math and was going to review how things were formulated.
    The next day the sup asked for them back and told me that he should have not let me see them.
    No big deal I gave them back.
    Dummy me, I did not make a copy.
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    I get a kick out of looking at the color codes (red for over dispatch, yellow for under, etc...) because sometimes I'll run a route in the red but be in around 5:45 and get less than an hour of bonus and sometimes I'll run a route in the gray but it'll end up planning 10 hours. The "numbers" in our center are clearly screwed up but our dispatch sup is pretty good. We rarely have anyone get more than two over 9.5s in a week. Actually.....since peak I think I've only come in past 7:00 two or three times. I dread the day we get a new dispatch supervisor.
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    Our dispatch sup has a sense of humor and will sometimes change the setting on the dispatch screen so that it shows number of packages, not stops, which immediately sends everyone way in to the red.
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    "I dread the day we get a new dispatch" savor your days now; we have a new one and ohhhhhhh boy are things * up!!! Need lots of help here on dispatch!!
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    I just had a punch to punch ride after filing a grievance. Same old rant nothing new, until my sup says that since I am younger and taller than him I should be much faster than I am. No joke. Has anyone else heard this line???
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    I had to file 4 weeks ago after having 3 over 11's per week for 4 weeks straight. Since then I have been over 9.5 about 4 days per week but have not been over 11. I am still waiting for my sup to ride with me. If you want some control over your hours, you need to file. It is not perfect but at least I am getting home in time to say goodnight to my kids.
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    Where in the contract does it say anything about planed days?
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    It doesn't and that is my point.
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    To the best of my knowledge, you cannot be disciplined for performance. The way it seems to work is that if you are a slackass stealing time, chances are that you are screwing up somewhere else as well, and this is where they get you.
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