Expectations of a driver without seniority

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  1. Greetings all, I will cut straight to the chase, here is my situation. I was hired last October as a seasonal hire package car driver. Sounds great right a guy coming right off the street getting hired as a driver. Well I was informed as to what the term "seasonal" driver actually meant. The problem I had was not being sure how long I would be "seasonal" or just how long I would have a job. I already was an employee of another company but was placed on furlough due to the lack of needs for said company. Anyway I worked for 1 month with UPS then I was called back to the other company. I liked what I was doing with UPS but the being laid off Jan 3rd then possible hired again in May was killing me, so I went into the area managers office and explained my situation. I asked if I could give him my 2 weeks notice and he allowed that.

    When I went in for my last day I was called by the area manager to go to his office. I walked in and he was sitting there with my on road supervisor. I thought I did something wrong, but they only wanted to do what I would call a exit interview. Anyway I was asked straight up why was I leaving before the season ended. I explained my situation was honest in all aspects. So I was told by him he understands completely and that he wished there was something they could do because they liked my attitude and work ethic.

    Anyway back to the railroad I went, now about a week in, I get called by the UPS dispatch guy asking if I could come in to work????????? Strange I know he knows I left so what's going on well I called a guy that I knew from UPS and explained what was going on and was told I was talked about very highly there by other drivers and managers alike so they were going to continue to call me to ask if I wanted to work. Well I couldn't do it because my other job was on call so that wouldn't work.

    Well now it's Feb of 2016 and guess what happens. I get furloughed again, I can't believe this. So now it's May and I'm still without work trying to do odd jobs here and there to stay afloat when what happens. I get a call from the UPS HR guy that hired me the first time asking me if I would like to come back. Only downfall is its for a "seasonal" driver position. I am hesitate as to how long a summer season is.

    I ask why was I called if I left before the season was over and was told I was called out by name by the area manager who told the HR guy before they hire anyone else make sure I get called first. Talk about surprised and happy, that's a understatement as to how I was feeling. So I asked about the possibility of getting seniority and was told to call the area manager. I did and was assured that I would be the 1st guy on the list to get seniority if and when a position becomes available. Also that being hired now as a seasonal driver means I would be working at least to Jan 2017.

    Anyway is it bad for me to expect to get seniority during this season, can it happen before Jan 17 or how does it work???? Thank you all for reading this novel I just wrote and any advice or input is welcomed. Also have a great weekend.
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    I believe that the summer seasonal period ends around labor day.
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    You won't gain seniority but if they like you as much as they say....they may keep you on after Labor day.
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    Good Lord ...you should be a author!
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    listen man.....

    I know it feels good to hear that..and maybe at the moment they really do think "youll be the first" but theres a line out to the next hub of people before you, good work ethic or not, that will be before you.

    Exceptions happen but..its going to be this season after season. and then once you get "senority" you will be a cover driver and back to..(do you need me today) NO ..(do you need me today) YA..( do you need me today) no and so on until you get full seniority
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    Don't believe a word they say. Seasonal means just that, seasonal. You're a BODY.

    Is it possible to gain seniority during "casual" period. Yes. I saw it happen twice last year. I don't know if it's the new contract and the wait 4 years for top rate, but things are different now. One driver last year was made permanent about 6 weeks after he gained seniority. Mid June. Another driver was made permanent in the fall.

    I just happened to be walking out with the driver who got hired permanent in Mid June the day they told him to show up extra early tomorrow. He told me they had said he was being put on permanent the next day. I had never heard of such a thing, and told him congrats but I think you heard them wrong. Sure enough, next day announcement at PCM, so and so hired permanent. Before last year it was always a waiting game after New Years for drivers to be called back. Now they are hiring like crazy all year.
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    What's up with that?
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    Apparently so.
  9. Ok I appreciate all the input. I was just feeling like dang everything sounds too good. I will take it one day at a time. If I get permanent great if not just keep doing the best I can until I get it. So how does it work if driver A has worked 4 seasons and driver B only worked 2 but driver B is a better worker that doesn't matter because driver A has been there longer that he gets the spot when it opens??
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    The company can pick you,if they so choose so .
    They get one pick for every 6 union picks.
  11. Agh ok I understand. That's good to hear. At least there is light at the end of the tunnel.
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    Good luck.
  13. Thank you. I will let everyone know how it goes.
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    No clue. Can't work 4 seasons here. April-Sept laid off for about 10 days. Then till Dec 28th to 30th. That's it. But they take whoever they want. Starting earlier than another driver means nothing. If one driver starts in April and they like another one that started in Sept better, he or she gets hired. Doesn't matter how long as a "seasonal" you have been working. Means nothing
  15. Ok thank you.
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    Some of the best drivers are hired off the street.
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    Guess that leaves you out?
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    I would ask when the next off the street hire will be used. If they've called up 6 inside employees they are due for an outside hire. You can ask the shop steward to look at the full time seniority list with you. There's also the possibility of a transfer coming in which is considered an outside hire. I would work UPS and save all I could for the times when no work is available.,so you can stay.
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    Straight to the chase? TLDR
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    Lazy bastard