Express deliveries still stalled

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    Express deliveries still stalled - China Daily

    On June 21, the bureau's website released a list of enterprises, including FedEx and UPS, which were granted business licenses for domestic or international services this year. Many have misread it as a sign that the authority has given the green light to the US duo.

    But Liu Jianxin, vice-secretary of the express branch of China Communications and Transportation Association, clarified that the US companies are only entitled to conduct international services, adding that their applications for domestic services are still being assessed.

    According to a written statement e-mailed to China Daily, FedEx started operating a domestic delivery business in China in May 2007, after having received an investment certificate from the Ministry of Commerce on Dec 8, 2006, and a business license for domestic services from the State Administration of Industry and Commerce on Dec 20, 2006.