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    If guys and girls don't start standing up to upper management, no one will get anywhere. They have been getting away with a lot of crap for many years, and its only going to get worse.
  2. Slave101

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    Let's cut their pay every year with increasing cost of living. See how they would like that.
  3. Goldilocks

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    Lets just see what happens. Cleaned up on cash during Christmas and well deserved.
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    As long as Fred Smith has the RLA, we have little chance of standing-up to management. A union is the only way we will ever have any leverage and bargaining power at FedEx. The pilots figured this out a long time ago and unionized. Now they have the best pay package in the industry according to other pilots for other airlines I have spoken with. Ever notice the secrecy that surrounds what the pilots make and what their benefit package is like? That's because the crap would hit the fan if the rest of us ever found out about it. I have a friend who is an MD11 captain, and he won't say anything about what he is paid, his medical, or his pension. None of them will talk about it.
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    I wonder how many people know FedEx employees in much of Europe are unionized?
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    Shhhh. Although I do remember Fred trying bust a union in France a couple of years ago.
  7. A few years ago the captains made 245/hr and were guaranteed 1000 hours a year. The highest paid made 400k+ a year. I'm sure they have gotten pay raises since then. They are making a killing that's for sure.