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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Robretro, Jan 28, 2019.

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    I know this has been asked before, I even asked it myself last year. Looking for some more ideas. I want to stay on with ups but I can’t afford these lean months without a second or third job.

    What do people do? The job I took last year isn’t available this time and most things have hours that conflict with preload. Can’t uber bc my car is too old.
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    Can you dance on a poll?
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    I might need to reset my Google predictions . It's been cray cray lately .
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    Can I get private lessons?
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  9. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    Go hang out with Pedro and Juan at the Home Depot
  10. brownmonster

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    That cheap labor rich Americans hire for projects whilst complaining about the wall?
  11. Wally

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    Big part of the problem. Get the IRS on folks who hire these day workers. Are they paying all taxes?
  12. Maplewood

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    Try JYVE jyve.com. Alot partimers in Seattle are doing it. They may be up in your area. They dont take taxes so beware i heard a couple guys owe the govt quite a bit.
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    A Pollock?
  14. eats packages

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    Literally any job pairs well with preload.
    No need to overthink it, there are many places to flip patties for $14-15 around here and plenty of them don't need you to be there until 10:00. Don't worry about getting fired for being late, your UPS job should be the primary focus (union, insurance, ft bids, tuition payments)
  15. Maplewood

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    I hear you can make decent money with GrubHub
  16. Operational needs

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    They’re not THAT cheap. I hired two Hispanic guys hanging out in front of Uhaul to help me move.
  17. oldngray

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    You should have used the Mexicans in your attic
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    Cash or legit?

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    The election is over. Trump won.
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    No help here.

    I own a business. Work UPS just for the insurance.