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    So one of my fellow drivers was given a driver follow-up for an address that the route next to him had delivered. Included in the packet was an aerial photo of th package car at the address with a time stamp. Is this common practice now, anybody have any info on this?
  2. BrownArmy

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    Could that possibly be real? I know they're using Google Maps for the virtual time-study, but how in the world could UPS access real-time satellite images for every single DR? That doesn't seem possible. This isn't "24". Even Google with their billions can only update their maps so much...

    Unless UPS has it's own Satellite!!!
  3. Shifting Contents

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    Holy crap! I have seen the ariel photos and the stamps of actual address and dr location but not a picture of a PC at the stop. That's crazy.

    I had a DFU that had satellite pictures with it. It was interesting how I could recognize the location. They wanted to know why I DRd down the street because google showed the address down the street but my DR was dead on. It was a condo (with private entrances in a good neighborhood or so I thought she was lying she got it but wanted to steal it. NO DR FOR YOU) complex and I was amazed how close they were. But google had the actual location a block away and on the other side of the street. I told the on road to drive out to that address and see for himself. He must of because I never heard anything about it again from him. I did the DFU not recieved and knew the QVC queen was lying. Second story private entrance on the back of the building. Stolen my butt.
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    The map will show the address where the package was supposed to be delivered and then it will show where you left the package. The problem with this is that if you forget to hit stop complete at the actual address instead of when you get to your next stop, which I have done on occasion. Where ever you hit stop complete the gps will think your leaving the pkg at that location. So, needless to say, I don't trust these satellite images. Just my 2 cents.
  5. Signature Only

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    Yes, we've had it here 18 months or so. There are two indicators, one showing the address on the buliding in question, the other indicating the DIAD's position when the Stop Complete button was pressed. The customer can see the package was left. We tell them that we'll need a copy of the police report for claim processing.
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    UPS is not even willing to spend the money to keep it's ground fleet in tip top shape.
    Then again, it would not surprise me that IE has launched Predator drones trying to save the cost of center manager's driving around looking for violations by drivers.:smart::smart::smart:
    The technology exists, but UPS does not have the means, or capability, to aerially photograph any of the 180,000 drivers in real time.
    Since your first sentence referred to third party knowledge,
    did you see this photo first hand?
    If you did,
    Photo Shop can do wonders.

    Old man advice,
    take it or leave it.

    Believe nothing that you hear
    and only half of what you see..

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    I recently had a safety ride and was discussing the new IVIS with the on road, he mentioned that UPS DOES own a sattelite, that and a few hotels, and who knows what else?
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    Some of you guys don't have tattle-telamatics yet. There is GPS in the board. There is GPS in the truck. The GPS in the truck and board "talk" to each other. They know how far you walk off your packages. The board will register the place you first scan the package, get the signiture or DR it and where you stop complete it. 2 GPS systems are confirming to each other every time you push a button. They then can put these points on a 3 month old google map to illustrate. Honestly the main advantage to UPS is to prove that the driver did what was supposed to. The customer will get a refund whether we left it at the right house or not.

  9. Old International

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    The problem is that even google isn't right. Look for my house on google, and it shows you the house two doors down. So if Google isn't right, how can the GPS in the DIAD or the package car be right? My Garmin can't even find my house on the 1st try, until I train it.
  10. cachsux

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    A military spec satellite will put a missile down your chimney. The candy ass technology that UPS is using is lucky to get you on the same block. Don`t let them BS you otherwise.
  11. FracusBrown

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    The address in Google may be wrong. The longitude and latitude is what GPS uses. I believe you'll fine that the longitude and latitude is always correct. Telematics doesn't record addresses.
  12. jimstud

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    I have seen the dfu's with the google earth maps it does show where you stop complete the stop. Front steps , back door or wherever .
  13. NHDRVR

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    We have had that up here (NH) for some time. It actually got me off the hook on a DFU since it proved I left it where it was supposed to go...
  14. p228

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    But it they try to compare the address on file to the stop location in the telematics the address Google shows may be wrong.
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    I just wanted to beat pickup to the punch.
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    Beat me ... that is what I was thinking too.
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    Your avatar reminds me of Vincent Price in, The Fly.

  18. FracusBrown

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    Maybe I should have said GPS devices don't record addresses. GPS devices (all of them) record Longitude and Latitude then they place the point recorded on a map based upon the longitude and latitude map location.

    When you look up an address and get the wrong location it is because the table that matches addresses to longitude and latitude it incorrect.

    The longitude and latitude in the GPS is correct. The longitude and latitude on the map is correct.

    Telematics does not communicate with anything other than satellites until you return to the building. Once you return, the recorded info is uploaded and then overlayed, matched, distributed, combined with DIAD info, etc.

    Since the telematics unit is stationary in the vehicle, it can only record the vehicle location, not the package, the driver or the DIAD location.
  19. pretzel_man

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    If he / she were given an aerial photo (satellite image) there was no package car there. The satellite images are the same as would be seen on Bing or Google. Nothing more.

    Long ago, UPS invested in a hotel (in Boston). I think it was a Marriott. I don't know if UPS still owns it or not.

    UPS also invested in a Satellite. If UPS still has that, there are no UPS activity on it.

  20. SignificantOwner

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    That last part was good advice. But believe this because it's on the internet - IE doesn't care about DFUs, they fall under the realm of Security.