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    I am not one to complain, I would just like some input. Me and 1 other person were hired at the same time about 3 years ago. Both were hired with goatees and hired by a main terminal manager. Our badge shows us with a goatee. We have a new terminal supervisor who is trying to now make us shave. Is this something he can do even with a higher up person hiring us, also being it has been 3 years and now its a big thing? Just asking for input, not meant to be a complaint.
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    You are grandfathered in, but if at any time you shave it off you can never grow back your facial hair.
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    He had to be here when the first contract was accepted to be grandfathered in, he has only been here three years, so no, he is not allowed to have facial hair below the lip.
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    Are you full time or part time?

    What's your job title?

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    I get picked at for skipping 2 days.
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    It's stupid for mechanics to have to shave.
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    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    My bad I missed that this was freight.
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    So I was reading the UPS Freight appearance policy, and it states that no goatees allowed unless grandfathered in, however, the appearance policy was published October 4, 2012 which was after my hire date, so with that being said, shouldn't there be a way around this since the policy was published after my hire date? Also considering I was hired and nothing ever said, and my badge having my photo with a goatee? If I understand correctly you are suppose to match as closely as possible to your photo on your badge for security reasons.
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    Why not just shave?
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    My main reason is I have a terrible scare on my chin and I have grown a goatee to cover it up for the last 15 years. The other reason is the higher up managers don't care, its we have a new supervisor and he is trying to be in control of everything himself. He has written up people for stupid little reasons. We all get our freight out before taking our lunch cause if we took lunch when we are suppose to the freight wouldn't get out to customers. Its the fact that he doesn't recognize the stuff drivers do to help in anyway get the job done. He nit picks everything. I know it would be like that anywhere, but after going through 4 supervisors in 3 years and getting someone like him it makes it pretty interesting.

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    The excuse I got was "Someone might see you while test driving."
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    For any that are interested, I contacted my local union and found that because I was hired with a goatee and my id badge has it in there and it has been 3 years, they have to let me keep it. The union response was they hired me with it, they have to honor it. Especially since I have never shaved it off. So you may want to contact your local union if you are in this predicament. The last piece of response was don't sign the papers, explain why and if there is a problem to let them know.
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    Sounds like you have a good Union backing you guys up better appreciate them!
    We have guys who are wearing long sleeves and jeans because they got hired last year with tattoos when we needed drivers now can't show them. Hell we have one guy who they're forcing get a neck tattoo removed or he will lose his job and all the union said was if you don't finish it they're going to fire you. Sad deal
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    In reality, the grandfathering was for any employee that had facial hair before the brand launch, which was i think May 2006, could keep the facial hair as long as they did not shave it.
    Now, that was before we were union, about 2 years before... Now since we are union, i dont think it will be an issue. Maybe a supervisor or management personnel will give a member a problem, in an isolated incident.

    If in doubt, talk to a steward.
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    That must be a corperate thing. They been on some of our city drivers about facial hair also.
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    I got a note from a Dermatologist reading that I don't have to shave everyday because of the irritation
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    ImageUploadedByBrownCafe1436500452.514148.jpg I work for ups freight and this is the not my doctor gave me so I could keep my beard.
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    I got one to. I shave once or twice a week
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    A note from a dermatologist worked for me, just make sure it is well written. Get the information to forward it to the company nurse. You do not have to show anyone at your terminal anything, it is a medical condition covered under HIPPA laws. They can not read your medical information without your consent..