Failed business model.

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    The separation of Ground from Air as independent business units has finally come home to roost. The stock market analysts, hedge fund managers, mutual fund and institutional investors have missed this one completely.This separation was done under phony pretense. Illegal activity has been committed by FedEx executives to stop unions from setting up a union shop at FedEx. Duplication of services, plant and equipment, as well as staffing has swamped the FedEx profit center "boat". It's not the economy, it's running ground and Air independently that has caused the problems.Tonight's meeting will be a media spin by the damage control team. Don't expect the truth.You, the employee, are going to bear the cost of Fred's prejudicial error's.
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    It's not only the investors and analysts waking up.
    As more and more work keeps being transferred over to ground, the professional, career courrier who used to bring most of their packages is instead seeing a temp worker , who is out of uniform, oftenly not speaking much English that appears to belong more as an extra on the set of "Sons of Anarchy" instead of delivering their valuable shipments.
    The brain drain is accelerating at Express, anyone with a brain left is trying to get out, leaving hapless and talentless management candidates for the leaders of our future.
    FedEx is going "all in" on this charade, and it's not working.
  3. MrFedEx

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    We already are. New crap Dental Plan, big splits, higher deductibles and premiums for the Health Plan....and fewer hours to pay for it all. Tell your "father" to go eff himself.
  4. Fred is my father

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    Read 'Em and weep, MrFedEx. Read 'Em and Weep.
  5. Damon77

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    When I was hired to Express 15 years ago, it took four months from application to date of hire. I went thru a Basic Skills checks, 2 interviews, a drug screen and a physical. Now, drivers are contracted out, advertised on Craigslist.
  6. Fred is my father

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    "Your going to feel like you've been f$cked with a dick big enough for an elephant to feel it" Tom Cruise as Mitch McDeere in "The Firm".
  7. 55+

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    It will come back on them way or the other get what you pay for and fred will definitely pay for it in the end..I will sign my union card now thank you .
  8. bbsam

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    Little laate.
  9. MrFedEx

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    Yep, but this time there will be consequences. No union, but a lot of :censored2:-off employees looking for a way to get even.
  10. hypo hanna

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    Many already are doing just that. There is a definite slowdown of service going on. Really the best way to go until union membership becomes viable, (if at all). Just cut out all that above and beyond BS we do every day. If they are going to do the minimum with our compensation, why shouldn't we do the minimum with our efforts. Use their own silly directives against them. Document everything and protect yourselves. Make sure your manager knows you have as much paper as they do. Upper mgmt fears the lawsuit and would be hesitant to fire you knowing it is going straight to the courthouse.
  11. MrFedEx

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    Exactly. Do nothing but the bare minimum, call-in sick, and screw them at every opportunity.
  12. Cactus

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    And DON'T volunteer for ANYTHING.
  13. HomeDelivery

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    Thank you for your service, & i really mean it... but it's now time to "bend over" or get out of the game.

    as sam and a few others noted, it's a bit too late; <you will now be easily replaced> & the service will suffer for a while during the tweaking process of dynamic roads

    there's downsizing in other arenas, not just express or the package delivery sector. I'm seeing too many overqualified box monkeys at HD coming from craigslist job-wanted ads that's beginning to be trained because they've also got let go from their cushy jobs.

    guess they read some of the posts here to know Ground vs HD jobs pay almost the same rate (in terms of hourly temp pay) & came over to HD because it's waaaaayyyyy easier with our street turn-by-turns. Heck, i saw a few Ground guys fed up with their chaotic terminals that came over to HD because it's set-up better in the stop-order dept.

    my situation is my kids come 1st & this is flexible to my kids' schedule. so PT soccer dad during the year & FT during peak and summer will be my additional income for now.

    i wish everyone can finally find a better situation soon, but in this state of economy, it's going to take a while... keep on looking & jump ship when you can!
  14. thessalonian13

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    I am a UPS driver for 22 years. (15 of them on the same route) I have seen dozens of different FedEx ground drivers in my area. Biggest complaint I have heard from customers about FedEx is that they get 2 different drivers each day, sometimes as many as five different drivers for deliveries and pickups from each division. Also the lack of wearing a uniform irks many customers and makes them feel uncomfortable. They want to see the same driver every day in a clean uniform.
  15. TUT

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    That is one thing I totally see Fedex Management simply ignoring from customer feedback. I could see their lack of response to that request if they were $1 to $2 cheaper per ground package.
  16. MrFedEx

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    Today, I was sitting in a mall parking lot taking my 13/14 and watching a Ground duo deliver out of a straight truck. They were tossing boxes out the back with little care, and haphazardly stacking them on carts for delivery inside the mall. Their appearance was not professional, nor were their methods, but my guess is that most of what they had got to the right place...for less than UPS. And that's probably good enough.
  17. El Morado Diablo

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    I had a Ground driver on my route wearing flip-flops while working this summer. Believe me, the customers noticed because they were asking me about FedEx's uniform policy.

    One of the biggest complaints I get from the customers on my route about Ground drivers revolves around their inability to solve customer problems. They are always told to call the 1-800 number. They know if they ask me I will take the time listen to them. If it's something I can fix or address, I do. If it's something I can't help them with I point them in the right direction if I can. It's easy to see how our customers get so frustrated with FedEx when they don't understand why the corporation is organized the way it is. It's not like FedEx ever tried to explain it to the general public.
  18. whenIgetthere

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    I had to deal with an irate customer today. The receptionist who usually signs for the deliveries was out, so her boss signed. He told me "you guys at Fedex are so f---ed up, one of your drivers just left here 30 minutes ago". I said it must've been ground, a differet division/company. He said it was Express and showed me the package, it was an FO delivery. I tried to explain that the FO deliveries leave the building before any of the rest of us start the sort, but he said he wanted all his deliveries at the SAME TIME! I tried, but couldn't get thru to him so I directed hom to the 800 number. He couldn't understand how we can deliver SOS with P1, but not FO!! I sure hope his receptionist is back Monday!
  19. MrFedEx

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    Well, at least the boss understands that FedEx is effed-up. That's a start.
  20. HomeDelivery

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    i'm sure UPS operates the same way; they need to get airs off first then ground stuff later... some drivers will lump them together if they can find it in their bricked-out package vehicles, but lately, they'll just make 2 trips in the same day to the same business or residential address (happened to my resi address one time)

    yea i see Ground drivers slipping in the customer service area vs HD... i'm one of those that actually tries to resolve their problems on the spot as well ~ no, i'm not a purple cool aide drinker, but i will not try to sabatoge the company because i know that i'm getting paid less than Express or UPS