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  1. Zap!

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    I was hired as a seasonal employee to be a driver. Passed the initial psychical and road test. Went to class last Monday. Did my homework and when I was quizzed, got them right. Thursday some students were let go because they couldn't handle the truck. Driving stick for 15 years, I breezed by.

    Yesterday morning I took the written. Got done at a decent time and did well. Studied for the verbal, even on my lunch break. Now it's my turn. So I go up there and quickly get by the 5 Seeing Habits. He then asks me the 5 Rules of Backing. No problems (thought I would forget 4 but it came right away). Now, 10 Point Commentary. Had to think for a second on a couple of the descriptions, but I got them. Then cane to 9. I drew a blank, despite saying it to myself before I was called. I said I know it starts with a "G" and that I was thinking for a second. He said "sorry, not good enough" and closed my book. He said if I had to think, it was too late. "But the good news is I will put the good word in to you for attitude, appearance, and coming early to your HR" blah blah. Asked if I can take the test again next week (another class is starting) and he said no. Shook his hand and left.

    I can't say I was angry, but this really hit me hard. I know the answers but momentarily froze. I guess every trainer is different but is it normal to not get another chance? When can I take the test again, and honestly should I take the loader job if offered?
  2. barnyard

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    Very normal to not get another chance and you may have to wait till summer season or another year to retake. A PT person bidding for the job would have to wait a year to retake if they failed.
  3. bleedinbrown58

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    If you need a job...take the loader job. It may be seasonsal too.
  4. Zap!

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    Well, after much shame of failing that test in November, I decided to look online to see if there were any openings. There was, and I filled it out and went to my interview. I was a bit concerned that my test failure would make HR frown on me, but she said "that guy failed lots of potential drivers" and not to worry. I will be sent where he's not working.

    So, I went for the driver's test and once again passed easily. They ordered my uniform and I start that same training class on Tuesday (not sure why it's not on a Monday, but oh well).

    Anyway, while this is seasonal, she told me it will be until December 31st. Do seasonal drivers who are hired in June last a full 7 months or so, or do they usually last a couple, get laid off, and then get rehired in November again? Also, if you are there 7 months, wouldn't that be long enough for going in the union?

    Also, how does benefits work out? Do seasonals get any days off? I never call out, but I have one wedding to attend on a Friday in October. Should I be prepared to not go? I know I'm getting ahead of myself, but I'm already preparing for this test.
  5. UT Vols

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    My road test went pretty bad and they still passed me. Our center must've been hurting for drivers at that time.

    Sucks to hear that they're so strict. It's normal to be nervous and I certainly was. I don't recall them asking me about the 5x10 points while I was actually in the drivers seat.

    Hope you keep trying and eventually make it.
  6. Baba gounj

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    Back in the 80's it was a quick road test and when they needed you to drive they handed you a set of keys and said go .
  7. Zap!

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    I don't know why you guys think I failed the road test, I passed that with no problems. It was the oral exam I failed in November on day 6 (test day) in training class. I bumped this thread because I am retaking the class.
  8. Baba gounj

    Baba gounj pensioner

    I still get the G thing wrong , too .
  9. Dr.Brownz

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    Never had to do that oral bull:censored2:. LOL these training people act like this is the army. It's driving a truck and moving boxes.
  10. Zap!

    Zap! New Member

    So is seasonal really until December 31st? If yes will I be able to take one Friday off in October, since there is no vacation or benefits for temps?
  11. jibbs

    jibbs Long Live the Chief

    I'm not a driver or anything, just loaded for them for the past few years...

    But in my center, it would be strange to me if you got much work before October as a seasonal. I know some hubs/center have different Summer and Christmas seasonals, but seeing as how you'd be in until New Year's I feel like you're being hired and reserved for later in the year.

    Again, I'm just a lowly part-timer. I just know what I've seen and read-- I haven't really experienced all the bull:censored2: you full-timers go through that I just don't really see on the inside.
  12. Zap!

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    Well, I hope that's not the case, because I quit my serving job (last day is Sunday) for this. HR didn't say anything about starting in October, but we shall see.
  13. PrimeUPS

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    Rule No. 1: Find out about the specifics of the job you are applying (training for).... what are my duties, start date, time, pay rate, benefits, etc. All very easy but decades old questions. Talk to HR about it first thing.

    He may be referring to the fact that you are likely going to be a TCD, which ebbs and flows with the work and labor. I've seen TCD's work an entire week and then not work for a month. I've seen others practically own the joint. It all depends on what opportunities are available at your center and how you take advantage of them!
  14. Zap!

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    HR did say the pay rate was $18.75, and she said I will start right after training class. Then one month later I will be reevaluated. After that, she said I will likely get laid off around December 31st, unless an opening comes up. I think she said no benefits and no calling out unless it's an emergency. I will miss the wedding if I have to, it's for a good friend but not a relative, so it won't be that big of a deal.

    HR did, however, make it seem that I would be working until the end of the year. I'm just skeptical.
  15. browner89

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    They sometimes say whatever they need to get a beating heart through the door. Always remain skeptical of what HR says.
  16. Insaneasylum

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    Not sure how package works but in feeders if your seasonal you start at $25. If full time you start @18.75. No benifits for seasonal's. And seasonal's work may-August and then nov-dec.
  17. brownmonster

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    Be a good driver and not a pain in the butt and getting a day off in October shouldn't be a problem. You probably wont work much in September or October anyways.
  18. jibbs

    jibbs Long Live the Chief

    That sounds awesome, dude. I hope it works out that way and you're working right after your class.

    Thing is, though, browner89 ain't lyin'. Might be a bit cynical (we all are around here, really....), but HR across the country seem to say whatever the :censored2: they need to get another body.

    That said, it's always good to think they best of people until they give you, personally, a reason not to trust them. There've been a few bad experiences, but they're balanced out by good ones, you know? Hard to tell which way the scale really tips but hopefully you'll have a good experience and won't immediately get dicked around.

    Stick with it and let us know how it works out.
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    In some areas seasonal is through 1/15.
  20. Number24

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    Why are these people so harsh on DOK.....