Failure to be promoted?

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    A respected union steward once told me, "sometimes you to be a failure to be promoted. If you run an area too well, they don't want you to leave". My manager want me to mentor a new pt sup to "follow my lead" and "look up to me". Then my FT sups says "the manager is saying that for a reason","his success(new pt) is your success". Since, i have put in for ft management two months ago, but haven't progress in mapp. Is this common to how management conducts promotions?
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    Do you have a contract with UPS that says you will be promoted at a specific time... If not you SOL.....
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    Do you think it is fair that the manager in question is holding up the promotion simply because the operation is running smoothly with this person in their current position? One of the roles of a (good) manager is to identify those who have potential for advancement.
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    true...point taken
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    I'm sorry, since when does management do the right or ethical thing? I must have been off that day.
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    Or it could be you've been off your whole life. :wink2:
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    since when is life fair? There are many reasons why capable people (more capable than OP, or his manager, or etc) have no interest in going into management, and this is one of the best examples.
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    I would rather them fail my assessment then to leave it idle for a year.then do it again for it to idle again.I'm assuming that they cant fail me for some reason!?(perhaps a high qprs previous years) . I fearing that will happen still. Mapp should be revised., Sups and managers must complete each step and if a step is failed, document why a person failed. It should have a business minded time limit on each step.

    whats funny is that I don't want care to be promoted now, i just want the opportunity to use my degree/military to apply to other positions in UPS, and not necessarily in operations or even package.Opportunity is all I ask and just because I'm a ready candidate doesn't mean they have to promote me....time to man up, life isnt fair.thanks guys for your insights.
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    Ask your ft sup, or if you have a good relationship with your manager, what is going on. I know my manager's emails from HR automatically go into his junkbox. I don't know why, but it is possible he is unaware. Since they chanced the process this year, there has been a bunch of issues.

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    I did, the sup said something about changing my perception to the manager so i seem like a "go hard". He said he will complete the paperwork eventually. He just said " you gotta back up what i say on it". But the word "perception", which to say the least, is very subjective. If the manager perceives you as a certain type of supervisor, then no matter how much you change, the manager is gonna inherently pick up on things that feed that perception;psych 101. Since, my FT has the tendency to mislead, exaggerate, and knows how play words games to bs ppl, its safe to say that he does the same to his peers as well to a degree. Another words, he hasn't given me a clear answer as in if or when he will complete this electronic paperwork.

    My manager, i do get along with and he's very direct, so I'll ask at the appropriate time

    The system has changed. Unlike before an employee can actually see if their sup completed their assessment. Its all electronic, so there isn't any "lost paperwork", nonsense.

    He doesnt seem to get that he's blocking all promotional oppurunties not just operations.
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    It sounds like you haven't screwed up enough yet to be promoted. You need to have a runaway accident or something similar.
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    OP. Go somewhere else and use your degree.
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    Man , that be some wack stuff right dare , it sound like they be try to be keep you down mayne , I tink you should be promoted ,cause you be a good dude for dem , naw mean .